Embody the spirit of the holiday season

Letter to the editor

The days of winter are upon us and are often melancholy ones for icy winds from the northern extremities, bearing somber, dark-colored clouds filled with moisture sweeps down across the land, rather dramatically change our moods and the manner in which we go about living our lives.

As a result, ofttimes gone are the sunny dispositions of spring and summer and the moderate moods of fall. In their places, grayish, somber attitudes tend to prevail, matching the gloomy, overcast skies which often occur, shutting out the sun’s brightness while drizzling rains driven by cold winds cascade, dampening spirits even more and escalating dismalness.

Alone, these feelings tend to expound to the point of depression, for humans are by nature gregarious and that is why it is so important for the young to include the mothers and fathers, the grands and the great-grands in the celebration of what has become known as the holidays: Thanksgiving and the yuletide season (Christmas and New Year’s), for the mixture of young and old makes for a good time by all and could possibly be likened unto a delicious fruitcake, for it takes many ingredients to arrive at the exquisite taste prepared by a masterful chef. The Chef I speak of for the family gatherings is none other than God. A prayer of thanks to a benevolent God who has blessed the people and nation throughout generations creates a blessed feeling in everyone present. Spirits are uplifted to match the hopes and desires of all.

This season, make it the jolliest, spending it with friends and family, for life is quickly passing and the Christmases come and go with regularity. The last one will come before you know it. Let the yuletide spirit become infectious and share it with everyone you meet, enjoy life to the fullest and give of yourself in such a manner as to spread joy in the lives of others.