State unemployment rate drops to 8.7 percent

ATLANTA — Georgia labor officials say the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped to 8.7 percent in October, down from 9 percent in September

That compares to a jobless rate of 9.7 percent a year ago.

The new figures were announced early Thursday by the Georgia Department of Labor.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says the jobless rate declined because the state saw an increase of 36,000 new jobs.

Butler said that is the largest September-to-October job increase ever. He said the job growth pushed the number of jobs in October to the highest level in any month since December 2008.


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

Thank you Governor Deal!!


missdaisy 3 years ago

All the way down to 8.7? That's like saying you are no longer dead, just in a coma. Still terrible with no serious course to return to a healthy economic body.


Oldguy 3 years ago

Do not get excited, this simply reflects the seasonal part time hiring that is usual this time of year. These jobs will disappear after the first of the year. Many retail giants are now hiring part time only to avoid paying any benefits, many will be cut from 40 to 32 hour work weeks after the holiday rush. Things are still really bad in the job market and no improvement in site.


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