Thumbs Up - Nov. 19, 2012

At about 1:40 p.m. a week ago today, a Crime Stoppers call came in through the Albany Police Department's dispatch. This one phone call led to the arrest of 21-year-old Joshua Jackson for an armed robbery at the Subway on South Slappey Boulevard in September. In that case, Jackson fired two shots inside the business while demanding money. As it turns out, this same young criminal had outstanding warrants from the Dougherty County Police Department in connection with robberies at the Fast Lane Food Mart in July and the Pitt Stop in August. It is fortunate that the alleged gun-toting crook never managed to injure or kill anyone but, left unchecked, just that could well have happened as his spree continued. To the person who was smart, courageous and civic-minded enough to make that one phone call, here's hoping you receive the largest possible pay-out from Crime Stoppers. It will be well deserved.

Tomorrow will be the day that about 30 families will receive food boxes just in time to prepare a complete Thanksgiving Day feast. The East Albany Colonial Village Neighborhood Watch has taken the task of looking out for their neighbors to heart by finding families that will not have the money or food stamps to provide a holiday meal. With the help of the Division of Family and Children Services, families have been identified and with the generosity of many, turkey and all the fixins' will fill tables that would otherwise be without. If ever there is a need for a neighborhood watch "poster child," this would be the perfect group to feature.

Albany State University's women's volleyball team had an incredible year. The team recently completed an undefeated conference season with a 16-0 record. In the conference tournament, the players were a runner-up for the title. Several players were named to conference honors. Coach Robert Skinner, who also coaches the women's basketball and softball teams, was named Coach of the Year. No doubt for the aforementioned reason(s), Skinner was also tapped for the inaugural Commissioner's Commitment to Excellence Award.

Chief Public Defender Leisa Johnson had a plan. When she presented her ideas to Dougherty County officials as to how to provide a more fiscally responsible program of indigent defense, as required by law, it seemed worth a try. Skip forward a few months and there was proof in the pudding. According to County Administrator Richard Crowdis, Johnson has so far cut $33,357 from her budget while cutting nothing from services. Johnson worked with State Court Judge Victoria Darrisaw and the two devised a system to contract out some of the work and still provide for indigent defense, a high-ticket budget item in Dougherty County. County officials, as should taxpayers, just love it when a plan comes together.

It is difficult to find anything to say about Lee County native and San Francisco Giants' catcher Buster Posey that has not already been said. Posey's batting averages, on base percentages, World Series rings, votes for the All-Star appearance, amazing recovery from a horrible injury and on and on. Just when it may have seem things could not get any better, they did. At the ripe age of 25, Buster Posey received 27 out of a possible 32 first place votes by the Baseball Writers Association for the National League MVP award. The icing on the multi-tiered cake came when the announcement was made while Posey was in Leesburg with family, friends and fans last week. Welcome home!


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