Squawk of the Day 23 Nov. 2012

Congratulations to the Worth County School System. Only seven districts were chosen as Advanced Placement Honor Roll school systems, and Worth was one of them. Please continue the good work.

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chinaberry25 3 years ago

Everyone stated that WCSS was awful when the MCSS wanted to go to Lee Co. I have always heard good things about them I do know that they do not take Social Security out on teachers and this is surely the best about them. If you teach there they have their own retirement. Anyone who sets up that cannot be all bad. Maybe the government has not stolen their mandated retirement.


waltspecht 3 years ago

State employees are exempt from Social Security, as are most municipal government and Railroad Workers. The plan was set up to allow these other entities to have their own retirement. That way the Entity actually pays in less than their portion would have been under Social Security. So they don't help carry the load like the rest of us do that are forced to pay into Social Security. Work part time for the State and you will really see what a rip off they have in place for retirement. About like those allowed to opt out of the new Health Care. The fleecing of the Taxpayer all over again.


RedEric 3 years ago

Gee, whatever could be the explanation for two such different results from adjoining similar counties?


Jimboob 3 years ago

Maybe a replacement for a proven failure?


FryarTuk 3 years ago

The Worth County School Board is an excellent group that works as a team. They have differences but work things out very well. They have teachers that graduated from very fine schools and they have advanced degrees from genuine academic institutions. The county is and should be very proud of their schools. The Chairman of School Board is Butch Jenkins a professional who has invested in Southwest Georgia and who has participated in Boy Scout programs from the Council level to the local troop level with his sons having achieved Eagle Scout rank. Public education can work, Worth and Lee Counties prove it. Congratulations on you achievement, student, teachers, staff, board.


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