Lottery ticket worth $49 million sold in Thomasville

THOMASVILLE — Georgia Lottery officials say a $49 million winning lottery ticket was sold in Southwest Georgia.

With many lottery players focused on a record $550 Powerball jackpot that was drawn Wednesday night, the winning Georgia ticket drawn Tuesday matched all six numbers for another game, Mega Millions.

The winner had not claimed the Mega Millions prize Wednesday by producing the winning ticket, spokesperson Tandi Reddick says.

Georgia lottery officials report that the ticket was sold in Thomasville at the Susie Q Convenience store at 13091 U.S. Highway 319.

Kevin Patel, the store manager, said he hopes, as word spreads about the winning ticket, that business will increase.

“I think we’ll definitely see a benefit as word gets out that we sold the ticket,” Patel said. “And since the Powerball drawing is tonight (Wednesday), I think lightning could strike twice and that we could sell two winning tickets.”

Once the check is cut, 31 percent of the total winnings will come off the top in taxes, Reddick says, with the federal government getting 25 percent of the total winnings and the state collecting 6 percent of the prize.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.


Sister_Ruby 2 years, 9 months ago

What are the odds of YOU winning the Powerball lottery of $500 Million right now? Answer: 1 in 175 Million (and rising). What were the odds that the CRCT erasures happened accidentally? 1 in 15 BILLION.

It's 85 times MORE LIKELY that YOU would win the Powerball lottery than that the wrong to right erasures happened accidentally in classroom after classroom in Dougherty County.

I am against the lottery and I've never bought a ticket and never will. I am also against cheating by teachers and administrators to further their careers and to "steal" federal money.


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