Lee’s new Oakland library appears to be under used

Letter to the editor

New Lee County library and conference center — I drive by this building at least twice a day, when it should be in heavy use. I have only seen three cars there at any given time. One time there were four vehicles, but one was a service truck. Doesn’t seem to be utilized that much.

The biggest crowd I have seen there was what I suspect was the opening. It was before the real opening. I noted some familiar folks, namely the Lee County upper crust. I didn’t get invited, did you? Wonder who paid for the refreshments? If it was taxpayer money, we all should have been invited, after all we would not only be footing the bill for the snacks, we footed the bill for the building and grounds. This bragging point for the development of the Old Plantation benifits who? You or I? Our children? Or the contractors that built it and the developers of the Plantation?

The low usage and other counties closing libraries make you wonder why this project was undertaken in the first place.




ObjectiveEyes 2 years, 12 months ago

With access to the internet, how many people actually go to a library any more?
Such a collosal waste of tax payer funds. Plus, the DOT refused to place a traffic signal there. It's a matter of when, not if, someone gets killed there.


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