Westover football celebrates historic season with ‘Breakfast of Champions’

Westover’s football team was treated to breakfast Thursday to celebrate their season. (mike.phillips@albanyherald.com)

Westover’s football team was treated to breakfast Thursday to celebrate their season. (mike.phillips@albanyherald.com)

ALBANY — It was Westover principal William Chunn’s idea, a final pat on the back to one of the best teams in Westover football history.

He called it “The Breakfast of Champions,’’ and Thursday morning all 20 of the seniors on Westover’s history-making team sat down and had breakfast with Chunn and football coach Octavia Jones.

This group became the first team in Westover history to host a playoff game and made it to the second round of the GHSAA Class AAAA state playoffs.

“We did it to show appreciation,’’ Chunn said as the kids chowed down on pancakes, sausage, biscuits and orange juice amid red and blue balloons and a pair of city championship trophies. The Patriots are 8-1 in games against city teams and won the city title two of three years, including this season.

“In our book they are champions,’’ Chunn said. “They made history this year, and it’s something to be celebrated.’’

Jones took over as the head football coach three years ago when he left one of the best track & field programs in the state at Monroe to coach the Patriots, who had only four winning seasons in their history when Jones arrived. They went 8-4 this season. It was only the third eight-win season in Westover’s history.

“It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate the accomplishments of this senior class,’’ Jones said at the breakfast. “The coaches put a lot of pressure on the seniors to take ownership of this team and they did. They did a good job of becoming leaders on and off the field, and they have left something for the younger kids. They showed the undersclassmen how to be leaders.’’


ObjectiveEyes 1 year, 4 months ago

Congratulations, Westover for a good season!


tywebb 1 year, 4 months ago

in 2010, westover won 3 games: albany, monroe, and dougherty. that was it. but they still had a breakfast of champions breakfast. this year i can see it.....but 2010? what a joke! hey chunn, do you do breakfast of champions for ALL sports? Or just your money makers like football, track(i know, not a money maker), and basketball? when was the last breakfast for region champs in wrestling, CC, tennis, etc? don't be a hypocrite......have breakfast of champions for ALL sports......even if they go 3-10! you say they're all champions in your book......well, prove it......unless you only mean football players! 3 cheers for celebrating mediocrity


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