China/Japan island feud a dangerous one for U.S.

Letter to the editor

The China and Japan situation over several inhabitable islands seemed to escalate further than ever before. ... Communication between the two parties has diminished more in the last six months than before.

Americans must remember three things:

1 — The disputed islands are the possession of the People’s Republic of China (communist or mainland China), China (Taiwan) and Japan. The owners of the inhabitable islands sold the islands to Japan. The only things on the islands of worth are natural gas and oil reserves. These three nations have no natural reserves, so they purchase their oil from Iran. The United States and Europe make them buy oil and other natural resources from nations we approve of or we will not trade with them.

2 — The problem is we must provide protection to Japan by its constitution and additional agreement signed by Gen. MacArthur, Secretary Dean Acheson, President Truman and Congress. We also have a treaty with Taiwan.

3 — Is it true that all military reservists and retired personnel can be called back to active duty? We have troops and ships at Okinawa, Japan, and troops in South Korea. They cannot stop a determined China if attacked. This could be World War III. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was invited to visit a top-secret Chinese military base. What was it:100,000 anti-ship missiles, 250,000 anti-aircraft missiles or our debt that they possess? Will China collect their IOUs by going to the international court and converting them at a discount and trade us our debt for six of our 11 aircraft carriers? What would it look like if the carrier with the “Ronald Reagan” name was blacked out and “Mao Tse-Tung” stenciled across the stern?

What if China uses cyber war? Will Western countries know if they are? Our computers will cease functioning and our power grid fail.