Politicians have betrayed the trust of the public

Letter to the editor

I subscribe to a liberal magazine not because I agree with their thoughts or ideas — which, for the most part, I assuredly do not — but because it enables me to understand how the other half think and how they arrive at their beliefs. As a result, the recent Time magazine listed innovative ideas that made the world a better place in which to live and gave “a free trade and free market” as an example which resulted in lifting more people out of poverty in the past 25 years than at any other time in recorded history.

This statement to some, I’m sure, is impressive; however, to others who know what actually happened, it is truly an abominable betrayal of trust by politicians, industrialists and millionaires alike who sought underhandedly to abandon their own countrymen in order to line their own pockets with wealth. These aforementioned men, through shrewd deals obtained government permission to relocate their industries elsewhere while also obtaining assurance that their cheaply manufactured goods produced by foreign workers would have no embargoes when shipped to America their primary source of sale.

As a result, billionaires and trillionaires came into existence in America while the middle class workers were undermined, thus toppling them from the top of the economical heap and forcing them to re-educate themselves in order to obtain work to support their families. This, however, was not the only slight that American workers were forced to accept since they additionally were expected to compete with foreign workers for jobs within their own country — another benefit of a free market. And so, thanks to American workers, those in India, China and Brazil benefited greatly, and all of this on Clinton, Bush and Obama’s watches.