Real issue in politics is all about the money

Apparently my anonymous critics, responding via The Squawkbox, fail to see the real issue addressed in my recent letter to the editor. If you will reread it, you will see that it is really all about the money!

As for the mass media showing favor by suppressing facts or truths, not possible! Any reporter worth his salt would love to get his or her teeth into adverse information on any public figure and make a name for themselves. That is, after all, the name of the game!

To anyone believing the many vitriolic emails and falsehoods currently circulating, there exists a real simple solution. Sit down at any computer and go to Factcheck.org or the much maligned Snopes.com and seek the truth for yourself.

Finally, yes, I truly am a typical liberal and I consider that a compliment, as I am in good company with a man called Jesus!




msa651 3 years, 1 month ago

Marty, maybe you show do the same, the media lies just by not reporting on a story, they choose what to report and what not. Happens all the time Then you can take NBC/MSNBC 3 times over they last few months, they've be caught editing and leaving on the floor video and just so they can present a view point they want the public to see. Picking just the right 15 sec spot and just giving that as part of the story does the same thing and all are guility of it. Latest survey of the media shows 60+% of Americans no longer believe the media is giving them the truth.

Either you are blind or just a fool to believe what you just wrote


waltspecht 3 years, 1 month ago

Everything is now about money. Even Relegion, can you imagine what good could be done if all the Churchs were humble and austare? Just how much money would that break loose to do the Lord's work. Look at the salary and benefits of some Preachers. The term actor and motivator would apply far better than Preacher to most of them. People in Politics aren't there to see what good they can do, they are there to see how much money they and their supporteers can garner and put in their pockets. It has been a terribly long time since many Citizens have said what is best for this Country, it's more of what is in it for me and mine. The Citizens and Perisioners have fallen into the trap of looking out for only themselves, and the appearance they display to the public at large. Ever wonder if anyone would be hungry if the Churches and the Government directed all their resources to dealing with this problem?


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