America is quietly losing its freedoms

Letter to the editor

I wish I had the resources to hire a wannabe Paul Revere to fly a plane over America. The plane would have to be equipped with a giant loudspeaker, so the pilot (Paul) could holler out: “The terrorists are here! The terrorists are here!”

I know this sounds far fetched, but someone has got to wake us up. People that are 40 years old can remember “NBC Nightly News” and the “Huntley and Brinkley Report.” They had a program called “The Fleecing of America.”

I need the resources for a wannabe judas goat the lead the people to the truth and understanding that we are losing America and our freedoms. Instead of Rights, we’re going to get what’s Left!




QUIK 2 years, 10 months ago

For the vast amount of citizens that are asleep during this terrorist attack. Can someone please for once list at least 5 to 10 freedoms we HAVE losted and 5 to 10 freedoms that they FEEL we are losing. It's hard to awake everyone that are sleeping with general talk or just their personal feelings of loss. Seriously, tell the people point blank what you KNOW not THINK is happening. You may be right but so many are caught up their daily life to not notice. (caution: character attacks usually offset the truth from getting thru to the uninformed)


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