Coalition keeps fighting cancer



ALBANY — Her organization has much in common with the Exchange Club of Albany, the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia’s CEO said Friday.

“I love the motto ‘Unity for Service,’” said Diane Fletcher.

“It could be our motto, too, because we are a coalition. We partner with health care organizations, local businesses and churches in South Georgia.”

Fletcher added that the coalition serves 32 counties in a local fashion. Money donated in the area is used in the area.

Physicians and other health professionals who work with the coalition live here and serve the residents of the region.

When asked who were cancer survivors or had family affected by cancer, a vast majority of the more than 100 Exchangites raised their hands.

Because cancer has such an impact on the area, the Cancer Coalition offers many programs, including cancer education, prevention, screening, treatment and research, all of which are close to home.

An example is the Community Cancer Screening Program.

It uses “health navigators” to work with clinicians to identify patients who need breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal cancer screening.

The navigators usher patients through the process and advise them on healthy habits, among other activities.

To help raise donations in the fight against cancer, there will be a car-smash amusement sponsored by the Cancer Coalition at the Georgia Throwdown on Friday through Oct. 14 at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds.

There will be sledgehammers aplenty to smash the cars in the designated area.

So listen to great music, bring your frustrations and smash a car to help fight cancer.

If you can’t attend the Georgia Throwdown, the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia’s website is sgacancer.org.