Police/Fire/EMS report for october 6, 2012

ALBANY — Albany police responded to at least 49 incidents Thursday into the early hours of Friday, according to available reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Burglaries on the 1100 block of South Van Buren Street, the 600 block of Fifth Street, the 1900 block of Dawson Road, the 1400 block of Edgerly Avenue, the 700 block of Crawford Avenue and the 400 block of Ebony Lane;

— Thefts by taking on the 2500 block of Slappey Boulevard, the 700 block of North Jackson Street, the 200 block of Pine Avenue, the 900 block of Second Avenue, the 2500 block of Habersham Road and the 200 block of Cordele Road;

— Deceased persons on the 1600 block of McArthur Street and the 1200 block of Augusta Drive;

— Disorderly conduct on the 1400 block of Palmyra Road;

— Financial card fraud on the on 700 block of South Slappey Boulevard;

— Entering auto on the 2500 block of Hilltop Drive;

— Assault (domestic) on the 1700 block of East Broad Avenue;

— Battery (domestic) on the 300 block of South Monroe Street and the 1100 block of Sylvander Court;

— Domestic calls (unfounded) on the 2000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the 1800 block of Wetherbee Court, the 800 block of Cedar Avenue, the 1200 block of Towering Pines Lane, the 800 block of North Davis Street, the 1600 block of Beverly Avenue, the 300 block of Elsom Street and the 600 block of North Jefferson Street.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: Dougherty County Police responded to at least 10 calls Thursday, according to reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Drunken driving on the 700 block of Cordele Road;

— Traffic stop and possession of a small amount of marijuana on the 500 block of North Mock Road;

— Animal control investigation on the 6500 block of Newton Road;

— Recovered property, a vehicle tag, on the 3200 block of Sylvester Road;

— Entering auto on the 3200 block of War Eagle Drive;

— Wanted person on the 800 block of Holly Drive.

DOUGHERTY COUNTY EMS: Dougherty County Emergency Medical Service responded to 55 calls on Thursday, including 35 medical calls and 20 trauma calls. Medical and trauma calls included, but were not limited to, seven respiratory calls, four cardiac arrests, two chest pains, 15 various medical calls, nine vehicle crash victims and six falls.