Religion no excuse for America’s enemies

Letter to the editor

Following the news accounts about events in the Middle East, I kept hearing references to “the Muslim World.” Since when do we care what religion our enemies are? Europe is predominately Catholic, but during WWII no one ever heard that we were at war with the Catholic world. In Japan, we didn’t fight the Taoists and in Vietnam we didn’t fight the Buddists.

We fought the enemy. No matter who our enemies have been in the past, we didn’t try too hard to analyze their motives or consider their sensibilities. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, we didn’t try to figure out why they didn’t like us. We tried to figure our how to kick their butts.

What’s so different about the Muslims? When a gang of armed thugs wages attacks on U.S. soil (such as one of our embassies), their religion should be the least of our concern. Sending them to meet their maker should be our only concern.

I don’t care if they are upset over a movie or the price of goat meat. As soon as they start to attack, they are the enemy, no other identification or reason is needed. This is not a court of law where one might try to introduce mitigating circumstances, this is war! We should seek nothing less than annihilation of the enemy.

As soon as they raise a hand against the United States, their standing with their god should be of major concern to them — not us.




waltspecht 2 years, 1 month ago

Now if that were doctrine, and advertised as such, them there might be less problems. However I would pity the first Embassy Guard that actually took the inniciative to fire first with out giving the opponent time to clearly define their intent. By the way, I believe those guys in Vietnam that were shooting at us were Godless Communists and nor Buddists.


QUIK 2 years, 1 month ago

For a better understanding about war we should look at the reasons, because wars do have purposes. I believe the Japanese had a trade disagreement and up to the time of their attack we were in negotiations with them. In Vietnam some of the major problems was we were occupying the nation that the North wanted back. All wars and particularly wars these days cannot be boxed into past wars. Today nations in the West are occupying Muslim nations (particularly the U.S. with military bases) and this angers people who are Muslims in the region. It’s just that simple. If we leave their countries, I believe half of the violence would stop and they would go back into the 2nd century with their laws (consider Afghanistan). The writer may have forgotten in a moment of haste that the U.S. has ALWAYS considered peace while fighting and have ALWAYS turned the other cheek afterwards to help them rebuild. The world has changed immensely and is much more dangerous but nowhere in our history have we ever considered annihilating a group, race or nation!!!! The writer would do best to better understand our faith of today than that of 1 Samuel 15:3
T. Wright


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