School board member sets a poor example

Letter to the editor

Albany’s school children certainly deserve better than a school board member that is “not guilty.” There is no argument regarding the fact that Mrs Riggins’ children did receive free or reduced-cost meals.

If the children’s free meals were not the result of a deliberate unlawful act, then the free meals were the result of carelessness, ignorance or a feeling of entitlement because of race.

No matter the reason, the results were the same. Mrs Riggins’ children did not deserve to be in the FRM program. Are we to believe that Mrs Riggins was unaware that her children were receiving free meals?

Whatever the cause, why did Mrs Riggins allow it to continue? She had to know it was a mistake, but made no effort to correct the situation. The entitlement mentality was stronger than honesty and fair play.

Pity our children with such guidance and example.




waltspecht 3 years ago

I may be wrong, but didn't one point in the trail claim her actual income did meet the criteria for Free Lunch? Now while I may have a problem with someone earning $42,000 a year being entitled to a free lunch, if that is within the law she was only a fool that didn't know how to fill out paperwork to avoid contriversy.


chinaberry25 3 years ago

$42,000 did not include her child support.


mr_nobody 3 years ago

Waltspecht, I think she met the criteria not for free lunches, but for reduced lunches. Based on what I read, it appeared that the income discrepancies on her forms made it look like she was trying to get free lunches, rather than reduced. The court said otherwise, which is fine. But the fact remains, a school board member either isn't bright enough or doesn't care enough to fill out paperwork and add up her income properly. Nobody can dispute that.


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