100-Mile Yard Sale to promote area

SYLVESTER, Ga. -- Better check your gas before striking out for the Second Annual 100 Mile Peanut Pickin' Regional Yard Sale this Saturday.

According to Brittany Evans, downtown enhancement director, City of Sylvester, the sale route will follow Highway 33 from Cordele through Sylvester, loop through downtown Moultrie and follow 133 through Berlin, Morven and 333 to Quitman.

"Last year's sale was awesome," Evans said. "We had thousands of people in downtown and this year will be even better."

According to Evans, downtown Sylvester will host two live musical groups including Thorns Deep, a Christian-oriented group, and Old Friends, a bluegrass band. In addition, the Sylvester Farmers Market will be open and food demonstrations will be presented.

Evans said that while she has worked hard coordinating the event, along with Chambers of Commerce and managers outside her city, she credits Cindy Powell, a Sylvester merchant for more than 20 years, with developing and promoting the original yard sale concept.

"If it weren't for Cindy, none of this would be happening," Evans said. "She wanted to do this for the merchants."

Evans said the event, which is sponsored by Peter Pan Peanut Butter, will host vendors selling food, home-made crafts, antiques, oddities and more. The timing is good, she said, for a lead-in to the Sylvester Peanut Festival on the following Saturday.

According to Evans, there are still a few downtown spots left and can be rented for $30 each. For information about the yard sale event, call Cindy Evans at (229) 430-7735.


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