Politicians not short of money

Letter to the Editor

So, the politicians say we have no money. Do you believe it? I understand it may be true if they do not meet one of two conditions:

1 -- If the politicians leave politics en mass. I am not talking about a Democrat changing to a Republican. I am talking about abandoning politics altogether. There are not enough candidates to fill federal and state elected offices.

2 -- There is a reduction in the number of political offices. We would have 50 senators instead of the existing 100 if they think the situation is temporary and will improve later.

If politics did not pay the 2012 presidential election would be two parties playing a dice game on the sidewalk in front of a vacant lot of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. The first player to lose is elected president.

I know people think I am drunk or drugged, but they don't think of crazy! As I age, my thought control does not matter anymore. Nowadays, I can be 51 percent correct and not upset my co-workers who think I am taking their job, though I am happy to work 50 years cleaning the shop floor. I know that the business' success depends on new ideas and my continued employment.




waltspecht 3 years, 1 month ago

No, if my memory is correct, there hasn't been a Politician leave Office any Poorer than when they went in. That even allows for those whose legal defense funds ate up most of their stolen goods. Have you ever considered what probably changes hands as bribes to get the printing and advertising money from political contributions? Look at all the millions for a Federal campaign, never mind a Presidential one. The politician can no longer steal the funds from their war chest, so the funds are traded for select favorage. Put House in the House, Boot Bishop and let someone else profit from the position. I doubt any of us could legally have accumulated the Pension and Medical benefits Sanford Bishop has over the years. The Politicians continue to feather their nests, and we are dumb enough to let them. Even those dumb enough to repeatedly get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.


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