Strangers come to rescue of dog

Letter to the Editor

I just want to say thank you to kind strangers. I was walking my dogs, one who is 15 and totally deaf, in the woods behind Darton.

Generally I check he is with me every few yards but my friend and I were talking politics and I didn't check so often. When I did, he was nowhere to be seen. We searched and doubled back. No sign of him. As I came out into the parking lot a woman teaching her 15-year-old son to drive stick shift called to me, asking if I had lost a dog. She had tried to catch him but he avoided her and was heading for Gillionville Road.

She took me and my other dog in the truck to try to catch up with him. No sign of him. Thankfully no little body lying on the road, so we continued toward my house to check the answering machine. There we found a couple in a bright yellow punch bug in my driveway with Russell.

They had stopped traffic on Gillionville to keep him safe and followed him home and were just about to call me to let me know he was safe. I didn't get the names of these wonderful people, but you all made my day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


(and a safe but exhausted Russell)



FryarTuk 2 years, 10 months ago

I'm glad your pet friend was safe. I hope you'll let him wear l leash next time. He/she deserves that protection.


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