Looking Back Oct. 14 2012

Features column

Each week Albany Herald researcher Mary Braswell looks for interesting events, places and people from the past. You can contact her at (229) 888-9371 or mary.braswell@albanyherald.com.

Unless in a coma (or a very young child), every person in the U.S. knows it is a presidential election year. Here is a look back at some of the many election year ‘squawks’ from 2008.

• If Obama and McCain are the best we have to offer in ‘08, I shudder to think what our candidates of 2012 will be.

• A Squawker says Obama lacks experience to be president. The last thing we need is anyone with Republican experience in recent administrations.

• Obama will make a great president with Hillary as his vice president and Bill as his personal advisor. Should be a great threesome.

• Conservative Republicans have elevated selfishness to a high science.

• Obama has made Jesse Jackson irrelevant.

• I am an elderly white Republican business owner. I agree with Obama that change is needed. My dilemma in voting for him is can he bring it about?

• I think maybe it’s time to give a third party candidate a chance.

• Liberal Democrats are generous to a fault as long as they are giving away somebody else’s money.

• Seems to me Obama is trying to mend fences for our country.

• Obama can make a three-point basketball shot. Let’s elect him president.

• Senator McCain, a sure winner. I’ll bet my Edsel on it.

• After January 1, instead of a chicken in every pot, you may have a car in every driveway - on blocks.

• All you people who want to leave if Obama is elected president should leave. It is not your country anyway.

• This year’s presidential election is substance versus style. You decide.

• America needs Obama right now to restore America’s moral standing in the world. Please Republicans, just give us four years to repair the damage done by George Bush.

• The Republicans are Lucy, the Democrats are Charlie Brown and the country is the football.

• I would vote to have McCain receive the Medal of Honor for his valor, not the presidency.

• Having worked hard all my life, I am now quitting so Obama supporters can give me part of their paychecks.

• Before you go to the polls Tuesday, please remove race from consideration.

• Get ready. When Barack Obama becomes president he will be setting the bar very high - with individual and collective responsibility and accountability.

• Obama can’t possibly spend more than George Bush has.

• I switched to Fox News yesterday and, to my amazement, found out there is more than one person running for president.

• For a teacher to wear her Barack Obama button does not mean she is imposing her political views on children. Last time I checked, children could not vote.

• To alleviate crowding at the polls, I suggest Republicans vote Tuesday and Democrats vote next Wednesday.

• Since Sarah Palin is an international relations expert because she can see Russia from Alaska, does the fact that I can see the moon from my backyard make me an astronaut?

• All you voters out there, be careful what you wish for. If it appears too good to be true, it probably is.

• You Obama haters need to get a life. This man has more knowledge and leadership abilities than any U.S. president over the last 40 years with maybe the exception of Bill Clinton.

• I don’t care who Colin Powell endorses. I am waiting on Ron Paul to tell me who to vote for.

• Would someone please explain how the Republicans can accuse anyone of being a Socialist after they proposed and passed a $700 billion taxpayer-funded redistribution of our wealth?

• I never thought in my lifetime we would nominate, much less elect, a man whose only experience is that of a community organizer and 16 months in the Senate.

• Let’s face it, we are in Socialism. It is just the Democrats want the money to go to poor people and the Republicans want the money to go to rich people.

• Cynthia Tucker is the perfect Democrat. Not influenced by facts and easily led to follow the party agenda.

• After the last debate, my only choice for president is Joe the Plumber.

• Contrary to the ultra- conservative belief, an Obama presidency will not be the end of western civilization as we know it.

• How can we trust any politician who spends more than $100 million of someone else’s money on a campaign for a $200,000 job?

• Ever since Barack Obama has been the front-runner, the stock market has plummeted. Imagine if he is president.

• With ACORN’s help, I understand that Barack Obama expects to get 128 percent of the black vote.

• Barack Hussein Obama is only a name. Look at the character of this man. He will help us get out of this jam.

• Obama states that McCain has no idea how to use a computer. Well, Barack cannot land a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier at night.

• Four years hence, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin will be a shoo-in.

• My wife must be a Democrat. She is always wanting to change something.

• McCain spent more time in a Vietnam prison than Obama has spent in the Senate.

• Blaming Democrats for all the problems we have is like blaming the rooster for the sun coming up.

• An informed voter shatters all threat of a dysfunctional democracy.

• The lady who ran over the campaign signs is my new hero.