Albany approves road resurfacing list

Cracks and broken pavement at the intersection of Mercer Avenue at Jefferson Street illustrate the need for roadwork planned for the area.

Cracks and broken pavement at the intersection of Mercer Avenue at Jefferson Street illustrate the need for roadwork planned for the area.


This is a list of projects tentatively approved by the Albany City Commission for the city’s 2012 SPLOST VI street resurfacing list:

  1. Gordon Avenue: From Slappey Drive to Westover Road

  2. Stuart Avenue: From Dawson Road to Nottingham Way

  3. Old Dawson Road: From Westover Road to the city limits

  4. Madison Street: From Seventh Avenue to Johnny Williams Road

  5. Washington Street: From Oglethorpe Boulevard to Seventh Avenue

  6. Monroe Street: From Newton Road to Maxwell Street

  7. Clark Avenue: From Broadway Street to Village Street

  8. Third Avenue: From Slappey Boulevard to Dawson Road

  9. North Jackson Street: From Society Avenue to Third Avenue

  10. McIntosh Street: From 14th Avenue to North Harding Street

  11. East Broad Avenue: From the Broad Street Bridge to East Oglethorpe Boulevard

  12. Relswood Terrace: From Third Avenue east to Third Avenue west

  13. Baker Street: From Third Avenue to Baldwin Drive

  14. 16th Avenue/Pace Street: From Seaboard Street to Monroe Street

  15. Gowan Avenue: From MLK Jr. Drive to Madison Street

  16. Mercer Avenue: From South Jefferson Street to South Monroe Street

Source: Albany Public Works Department

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Albany City Commission tentatively approved $4 million in Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax VI funding Tuesday for the resurfacing of 16 streets that Public Works Director Phil Roberson said had been deemed highest priority based on daily traffic count.

The funding, with an additional $660,000 in anticipated Local Maintenance Improvement Grant money that comes with a 30 percent city match, would allow work to start as quickly as 30 days on thoroughfares ranging from Westover Boulevard in the northwest part of the city to Oglethorpe Boulevard in the heart of downtown and to MLK Jr. Drive on the southside.

"The roads on our list have reached a point where they need to be resurfaced before we have more serious problems," Roberson said. "Where we pay roughly $200,000 a mile for resurfacing, it can cost as much as $1 million a mile to do major reconstruction. With the help of our Engineering Department, we prioritized our resurfacing list based on average daily traffic count and on the kind of traffic that's on each road."

The 16 streets on the 2012 list cover 18.5 miles of collector streets and another 1.5 miles of secondary residential streets.

City commissioners discussed the roads listed, as well as present and future funding options, before voting to approve the list. As is usually the case, much of the conversation revolved around money.

"We have fiscal challenges (in planning road repairs), but ignoring the problem won't make it any better," City Manager James Taylor said. "If we get the opportunity, we will redirect funds for street repairs. Right now, that's about the only option we have; maybe we'll have to stop tearing down buildings.

"We will continue to go after any available state and federal funding, but we have to remember our roadway system is crucial."

Roberson said the 20 miles of resurfacing and repairs don't put much of a dent in the city's 460-mile road network.

"To adequately keep our network in proper repair would take $4 million a year," the Public Works director said. "Currently, our allocations are around $560,000 a year. We're only at about 15 percent; we need 10 times that.

"In our line of work, we're never going to get caught up. And these improvement projects are so expensive. But we can't worry about the politics; we have to be apolitical. We go where the need is."


Shinedownfan 3 years, 1 month ago

#2 needs done DESPERATELY!!! It needs to be re-paved first!


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