Obama gets different treatment

Letter to the editor

Carlton Fletcher, in your article "Believers convictions trump politics," you wrote "many who call themselves right-to-lifers do so only because they are falling in line with the platform of one political party." Where are your facts? I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum, some believing in abortion and some against it. Many have discussed their views with me. At no time has anyone ever said that they believe this way because their party believes this way. I doubt you could name one person who has told you that, but since you want to refer to people as "hypocrites" because of their political views, I will talk about you.

When Mr. Bush was president, you continually wrote about him or his policies. I cannot think of even one article you wrote that was favorable to him. If he allowed his attorney general to not prosecute a group of people who broke the law (according to Justice Department attorneys who filed suit) simply because of who this group was, you would fill volumes. If he allowed his attorney general to not turn over documents when a border patrol agent was killed and the claimed executive privilege (Fast and Furious) you would write volumes. When gas hit $3 per gallon, you opined that it was George Bush's and the Republican Party's fault.

When gas hit $4 per gallon under President Obama ($6 in California), you say nothing. All the sudden, it is not the president's fault. The day after a United States ambassador was killed, President Obama flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, then did his television circuit. This was an act of war against America and he did nothing. If President Bush had done this, you would write continually. Carlton if you want to see a political ideologue, look in the mirror. There is none so blind as he who will not see.




FryarTuk 2 years, 10 months ago

There's just not much to recommend George W. Bush and I can see why it would be hard to write anything decent about a man who started illegal wars and sent many of our young soldiers to unnecessary deaths and injuries. Conversely, Obama is in the same boat and Mittens doesn't offer any alternative other than just a switch. Ron Paul is the only rational alternative. I urge your support for a write in on his behalf.


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