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Nothing can replace morning paper

Opinion Column

Thomas Gieryic

Thomas Gieryic

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. John Hetzler, the publisher of The Albany Herald. My advertising sales representative, Miloy Schwartz, came by for a follow-up visit concerning some changes I had made to my American Flag advertisement.

John and I spoke for nearly 30 minutes about various topics. One topic of discussion was about The Albany Herald moving its printing to Tallahassee. This was a sad topic for John for the fact that 26 people were losing their jobs. He was truly concerned for the future of those employees.

It was a tough business decision that had to be made. I believe in my heart that John is doing all he can to assist these employees in securing new jobs elsewhere. I wish each and every one of these people the best of luck in finding new employment. I, for one, appreciate the great job you have done in the past. I feel our community is very fortunate to have The Albany Herald as our local newspaper.

I have had many dealings with The Albany Herald in the past few years. Several years ago when my business got out of the retail gasoline business, Carlton Fletcher with The Albany Herald wrote an article about it.

We were one of the last "true full-service" gasoline service stations in town. Carlton did an amazing job on that article. I understand that he later won an award for that same article. His heart was in the story, and it truly showed. More recently, Carlton did an article about the citation I had received for flying my America Flag. Once again, he did a superb job with that story. A short while later he did a editorial on my flag situation. It was clear that his views concerning the American Flag and all it represents were the same as mine. Albany, we are damn lucky to have Carlton Fletcher supporting us!

I opened last Sunday's paper to find an editorial by John Hetzler. I found it disturbing that a local news organization would try to capitalize on an unfortunate situation. Why not instead use your many resources to aid in finding employment for these recently displaced employees? I am currently advertising with WALB, and I am satisfied with their services. I must say, however, that I felt that when dealing with The Albany Herald I had the support of their entire staff, not just their salesperson. In fact, The Herald liked my American Flag idea so much they co-sponsored my ad and continue to do so. This was not offered by WALB when I purchased an ad about the American Flag with their station. With that said, I must admit that WALB did an awesome job in their news coverage of my flag situation earlier this year. I thank them for that.

Print media will always have a place in my life. My early morning routine is based around me reading The Albany Herald. I don't think I could function without it. First I shower, then I fix a cup of coffee, then it's off to the front yard to retrieve my paper. I go out on my enclosed deck and enjoy my coffee while reading the paper.

There is something about feeling the paper between my fingers, the sound of the paper as I turn the pages and the smell of the fresh ink that no other form of media could ever replace. I also, from time to time, access news from other media sources throughout the day, but none are as enjoyable as reading the morning paper.

As an advertiser with The Herald, I am very satisfied with the feedback I receive from my ads. I have advertised with radio, television and The Albany Herald throughout the years, and I must say that I receive more feedback from The Herald than the other two combined. I hope The Herald is here to stay. Albany and surrounding counties, we are very lucky to have such a dedicated news and advertising outlet in our city.

Thomas Gieryic is the owner of Gieryic's Dawson Road Automotive Repair in Albany.