We all will have unfinished goals throughout our lives

I remember earlier on having some particular things I wanted to accomplish in my life, but I would get to a place where I would feel stuck and unable to be productive. It was quite the mystery and tough for me too because initially, I would start off super excited and motivated. My mind would be flooded with all the steps it would require to get me to where I wanted to go. I would become bogged down with how much time I had to reach goals based on my own timeline. I would tell myself that I needed to do or to have this, this, and this, first, before I could move to where I wanted to be.

This seemed to happen with me especially with those things I really wanted to do. Inevitably, I would become frustrated and overwhelmed by those thoughts and the things I had been telling myself. Consequently, I would put off my goal, procrastinate. There would be periods when I would decide that maybe I just didn’t have the discipline to stick with the goals I had set for myself, that I had only fleeting drive, and was just too all over the place with the ideas in my head to actually buckle down and get something done.

Eventually, though it involved many false starts, tearful bouts questioning my struggle, and agonizing attempts to force focused thinking, I was able to check a few things off my list of things to accomplish. I call that the hard way.

Maybe you can relate. Perhaps, not, but what I wish I had known then, that I have learned since, was that although I had goals I was trying to reach, I did not need to try to be anyplace other than where I was. That the things I wanted to accomplish started with me in the present, right where I was. This included all of my multidimensional ideas that seemed all over the place, as well as my thoughts about the time and many steps required to reach my goals. It was a part of my experience that I did not need to try to cut off, make stop, or speed up. I might have been better served and used a whole lot less mental and emotional energy had I been able to allow my thoughts to be as they were and to pass on through, freeing me up to work from the place I stood, so that reaching my goals could become possible-easier.

By entertaining my negative thoughts that I just wasn’t driven or focused enough and uncritically accepting them as fact, I struggled to accomplish things. By giving too much attention and meaning to the steps and timeline of things, I cemented myself in opposition to them and struggled to accomplish things.

Today, I understand that I will always have things I want to accomplish and they will require some steps and some time. That is fine, but my action begins right where I am and not down the road someplace.

Be encouraged. And, remember to do your part and vote.

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