Former sheriff to be sentenced

ROCHELLE, Ga. -- Stacy Bloodsworth pleaded guilty to punching three jail inmates and allowing men under his command, including his son, Austin Bloodsworth, to beat them and to kick at least one inmate in the face breaking the inmate's jaw, according to a U.S. Justice Department report.

The Bloodsworths tried to cover up the July 23, 2009 injuries to the inmates by conspiring to lie about what happened in reports, according to a Justice Department release. When sentenced, Stacy Bloodsworth faces a maximum 10 years in prison on a civil rights charge and a maximum of five years on a conspiracy charge.

The others involved -- Willie James Caruthers, a Wilcox County inmate-trustee, Timothy King Jr., a South Central Georgia Drug Task Force agent, and Casey Owens, a jailer -- previously pleaded guilty to the crimes.