Police/Fire/EMS - Oct. 24, 2012

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany police responded to at least 32 incidents Monday, according to available reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Armed robbery of Charlie and Pearl's Restaurant on the 100 block of South Jefferson Street. According to an APD report, two black men wearing black clothes and with a gun went into the restaurant at about 8 p.m. and took the cash register. It had no money in it.

-- Two entering autos on the 200 block of Pine Bluff Road;

-- Battery on the 700 block of Goodall Street;

-- Burglaries on the 400 block of Mercer Avenue and the 400 block of Robinson Avenue;

-- Thefts by taking on the 2200 block of Sylvester Road and the 700 block of West Harding Street;

-- Injured persons on the 600 block of North Jefferson Street and the 2400 block of Nottingham Way;

-- Missing juvenile on the 600 block of Johnson Road;

-- Disorderly conduct on the 600 block of Heard Avenue, the 1700 block of Malone Drive and the 300 block of South Mock Road;

-- Motor vehicle theft on the 2300 block of Bluewater Drive;

-- Assaults (domestic) on the 1400 block of Bonny View Avenue and the 600 block of West Residence Avenue;

-- Domestic call (unfounded) on the 300 block of Flintside Drive.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: Dougherty County police responded to at least 20 calls Monday, according to reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Drug investigation and weapons violation: Investigation of a stopped vehicle on the 3200 block of War Eagle Road led to the arrest of two occupants. Charges include possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and of a gun with serial numbers scratched off;

-- Criminal trespasses on the 4900 block of Vancise Lane and the 1000 block of James Cross Avenue;

-- Burglary on the 2600 block of Calvary Lane;

-- Abandoned vehicle on Georgia Highway 91 North at Chehaw Park Road.

DOUGHERTY COUNTY EMS: Dougherty County Emergency Medical Service responded to 64 calls on Monday, including 55 medical calls and nine trauma calls. Medical and trauma calls included, but were not limited to, nine mental health calls, six chest pain calls, six respiratory calls, four miscellaneous pain calls, two cardiac arrests, 22 various medical calls, five falls and three vehicle crash victims.

ALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Albany Fire Department responded to 10 incidents Monday, including an EMS assist, an activated alarm, a false alarm, a fire inspection, a vehicle fire, a car rescue from vehicle engine compartment, an overheated vehicle, wash down road, an EMS call and a structure fire with $5,500 damage.