Unanimous votes needed on School Board

Letter to the Editor

I just got through talking to two of my favorite people in Albany. After talking to these two, I got to wondering how our town can be so divided.

The so-called “powers that be” with a 4-to-3 vote could be part of the problem. The vote should be 7 to 0 to accomplish anything. Wishful thinking for DCSB.

I would like to take this time to nominate Mr. Henry Williams for Citizen of the Year. While representing Mr. Heard, he (Mr. Williams) commented that Dougherty County government had people that were not qualified to do their jobs. I thought this comment would light up The Squawkbox. Then again, most people might have thought it was another “red herring” and disregarded it altogether.

The Rev. Tony Lowden of Macon, in his article, showed concern for Amendment 1. He should have been more concerned with students without lights (electricity) at home. A house does not a home make!




waltspecht 3 years, 1 month ago

It would be nice if the Board was composed of like minded folks that only had the good of the students as their intended course of action. However there are the divides. Racial seems to be a major one, then there is personel aquaintence, then there is the need to be in charge, then there is the opportunity to advance ones fortunes. All interfer with the true purpose of the Board, but all are oh so real.


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