School amendment benefits the students

Letter to the Editor

Why would any voter vote “no” on Amendment 1? I’ve heard many tired arguments of adults who oppose charter schools. Yet, I’ve found no child that opposes them. Shouldn’t that be the key in deciding the future of education in Georgia?

One argument that’s thrown out by opponents of the amendment is that charter schools take away funding from local schools. That, of course, is false. Charter schools take away no local funds and many of the people spreading this rumor know it. This is obviously a shrewd way to try and sway voters to vote their way.

Another argument is that charter schools take the best students from area public schools. Perhaps that’s somewhat true, but there’s still a process that each and every student must go through before they can attend. But think about this. If a child was a good student in a public school system and had a choice to go elsewhere, there must be a reason why. Perhaps they were bullied. Perhaps the public school was actually holding back their progress. Perhaps the environment is friendlier. It could be a number of reasons, but obviously there must be a problem if that child is willing to leave the public school system.

I honestly do hope voters realize the importance of this amendment’s passage. Thousands of students who already attend charter schools could possibly have to look elsewhere for their education if it fails. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s about what’s best for the children.