Yes on amendment is vote for the children

Letter to the editor

My child attends Pataula Charter Academy in Edison. I fully support the amendment to the constitution for charter schools (Amendment 1). This is my child’s education on the line, so please allow me to point out the following:

Public charter schools are not the reason teachers are furloughed. Public charters do not take way money from K-12 education. We managed to not furlough teachers last year while only being funded at around $5,500 per student after austerity cuts. Why can’t the traditional public schools do the same on double the amount?

  • For-profit companies are not going to come in and open up charter schools. The ballot question specifically says that charter petitions must be at the request of local communities. These local communities must establish a nonprofit organization by law. Please educate yourself on the Charter Schools Act.
  • Your taxes are not going to be raised because of a public charter school. We only receive state money. All local money stays with the traditional public school.
  • Public charter schools will not take away local control. Charter schools give the ultimate local control — the parents. This amendment will give all parents the right to take control of their child’s education if they have a failing school system.
  • Public charter schools do not handpick their students, and we are not set up to re-segregate our school system. Almost 70 percent of state charter students are minority. By law, public charters are required to hold a public, random lottery each year.

The opposition continues to focus their campaign on money, power and control. The proponents continue to focus our campaign on parents, students and choices. Please continue to educate yourself on the issue and vote for the kids of Georgia; vote yes on Amendment 1.




tiredofit 2 years, 10 months ago

Where do you think the State gets its money? The money tree? No taxes! Charter school officials are not elected....they are appointed, or should I say "annointed"? What will happen when the state money dries up?


tiredofit 2 years, 10 months ago

What you failed to mention in your letter is that you work for Pataula Charter School and your job is in jeopardy if this fails. Of course you are pro-charter schools.


ittybittyme 2 years, 10 months ago

Why are so many people afraid of the charter schools? As you can see by the disasterbat DCSS, the public school system is a failure(that is an understatement). Competition for students and teachers, who are among the best and brightest is a good thing. Charter schools give families a choice. As for your comment regarding jobs, sounds like the public school teachers are afraid of losing their jobs. Your comment lacked fairness and for that you are wrong.


MisterEd 2 years, 10 months ago

Not all public schools are failures. If I lived in Dougherty or Calhoun county, I would agree with you.

If you want to see what systems are "failures", check the demographics. Not hating - just the facts.


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