County joins city in fight to save post office

Downtown Albany's post office at 345 W. Broad Ave.

Downtown Albany's post office at 345 W. Broad Ave.

ALBANY, Ga. -- After receiving an update on movement surrounding the threatened United States Postal Service closing of the downtown post office on West Broad Avenue, the Dougherty County Commission held a special called meeting Monday to approve a joint resolution stressing the negative impact the closing would have on the community.

The county approved the resolution, which will be delivered to USPS personnel, that had previously been approved by the Albany City Commission.

"I'm very optimistic about keeping this facility open," County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard said after Assistant County Administrator Mike McCoy told the board about efforts to find a private contractor to manage the facility. "I'd like to stress to citizens that if you have a post office box at the downtown facility, by all means keep using it."

Also at the meeting, the commission held preliminary discussions on a sewer extension that will serve the county's new industrial park, the purchase of 12 mobile data units that would be placed in county police vehicles and the appointment of another member to the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission.

Cost of the sewer extension is projected to be $945,580, which will come from Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax IV and VI funds. The mobile data units come with a $60,147.12 price tag, $24,000 of which will come from a telejustice stimulus grant received by the county two years ago.

Sinyard recommended that the board consider Anthony Parker for the new seat on the EDC Board, a suggestion that garnered overwhelming support of the commission.

"Dr. Parker has already met all of our requirements, and I'd like to suggest that we consider formally nominating him to serve on the board next week," Sinyard said.

Added Commissioner Lamar Hudgins, "(Parker) has the talent and the experience, and naming him to the EDC board would allow us to involve a bigger cross-section of the community."

Commissioners also praised Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful volunteers and Executive Director Judy Bowles for the organization's recent recognition as first-place affiliate in Keep Georgia Beautiful's 75,001-150,000 population category, and recognized Matt Morris, who was recently named Exchange Club Paramedic of the Year.

"We're celebrating 25 years, and we'll be putting together figures for the 25 years of the program soon," Bowles said. "This year, more than 73,000 of your constituents participated in events, and they donated more than 208,000 hours. As a conservative figure, that's worth more than $4 million."

Dougherty Emergency Medical Services Director Greg Rowe said Morris, a former educator, has a high level of commitment to EMS.

"What stood out to me was Matt's devotion and commitment to the department," Rowe said. "We're touching 20,000 lives a year, and he's a big asset in the services we deliver."

Tax Director Denver Hooten announced the county's new "Invoice Cloud" online payment option that will allow taxpayers to, among other benefits, customize payment plans for real estate bills.


Amazed2 3 years ago

Well let me see. The Fed/USPS is broke and has said the must shrink the postal service so they plan to do that. Now Albany and now DOCO wants the Post Office to Not close one of its locations here. Agreed we hate to loose one. But who is going to pay to keep it open?? I guess the local elected officials will offer to pay the lease on the building and supplement salaries. All this while DOCo and Albany need to be shrinking the staff of the city and county employees. I hate to see anything shrink but less and less people pay by mail and less mail. More and more email and pay online.lessmail letter


Cartman 3 years ago

Government is too big. Spending is out of control. USPS is in dire financial straits. They need to trim some Post Offices. One of them is in Albany and all that local officials can see is how it affects them. This selfish attitude is why we have a problem. And yes; I have a P.O. Box at the downtown Post Office. It is an inconvenience for me to move it, but I understand the reason. In fact, I applaud the reason. I am in favor of government cost-cutting. Period.


VietVet1 3 years ago

How much is it going to cost to shuttle folks to Slappey PO to pick up their welfare check?


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