Amendment 1 supporters have education concerns

Letter to the Editor

After many weeks of listening to both sides on the charter school amendment and reading editorials in the local newspapers, I have noticed two things. Everything I have read in favor of Amendment 1 is from concerned parents who want a better education for their child and are truly happy with the education they are receiving from charter schools. On the other side, everything I have read in opposition to the amendment has been from someone in the public school system; they all have something in common: they either hold a position, a title, or serve on the board (all of which receive a salary). Could it be that they are not really as concerned for the welfare of the children as they are about their own welfare (as in a paycheck)?

Also, if the public school system is so great, why am I not seeing letters from parents saying how happy they are with the education their child is receiving? I also ask the public school boards this: Why are school taxes continuing to rise when you have lost children to the local charter school? After all, that money does not follow the child; it stays with the public school system, so shouldn’t taxes go down? Why do you need $10,000-$15,000 per student when charter schools are educating children with $5,000 to $6,000 per child, and also having higher CRCT test scores than the public schools?

My child started going to the charter school this year, and this has been the best choice we have ever made. I ask that all voters educate themselves on this issue by going to www.georgiahope2012.org. This is an important issue that is not to be taken lightly.