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Mark Richt out as Georgia football coach November 29, 2015


There are still angels among us

Today (Friday, Sept. 7) I had to have my mother at the Phoebe Towers for an appointment. I was dropping her off for her appointment and going to go and park my car when my car would not re-start; the battery just died.

Three young men that were valets,pushed my car back out of the way and called for security to come and jump my car off. The security officer arrived and very pleasantly went about jumping my car off. The car started and I thanked him and the young men, whom I didn't get any of their names.

So you see, when we seem to be at our absolute lowest, God sends his angels to give us a lift, or a jump off in this case. Thank you again, guys, for all of your help, May God continue to bless you, as you did indeed bless me.