ATC to offer free practice GED tests

ALBANY, Ga. — More than 1 million adults in Georgia don’t have a high school diploma. And without high school credentials, they’re less likely to get a good-paying job, discover a great career or enjoy a better life.

Higher education officials throughout the state say there’s no better time than now to take the one easy step that can change their lives forever. And it can start with a free GED® practice test.

Today through Friday, adult education centers throughout Georgia, including Albany Technical College, will offer adult learners the opportunity to take a GED practice test at no charge. All prospective test-takers need to do is visit one of the centers and see how a small investment of their time can open the door to greater opportunities for them and their families.

Staff will also be on hand at the centers to explain what’s needed to sign up for GED preparation classes that are always free to every Georgian. They’ll also explain how the cost of taking the full set of GED tests shouldn’t be a deterrent to anyone because grants and other financial assistance, including a scholarship provided by AT&T, are available.

Many locations will offer a look at the new computer-based GED test, which will be used statewide by the end of the year.

“We’re actively campaigning to help people throughout Georgia understand that we can help them prepare for the GED test and, with a little effort, they can earn a GED credential. After that, we’ll assist with their transition from GED diploma to college degree or into a better job. I encourage every adult learner in Georgia to make plans now to visit their local adult education center and take advantage of a free GED practice test session during the week of Sept. 10-14,” said Beverly Smith, the TCSG assistant commissioner for adult education.

“Literacy week is an excellent opportunity to focus on the 1.2 million citizens in Georgia over the age of 18 and the population of 16-17-year-olds who have less than a high school education,” said Linda Coston, associate vice president for Adult Education at Albany Technical College.

Last year, more than 19,000 adult learners earned their GED diploma. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a person with a high school or GED credential earns $10,000 more per year than a non-high school graduate. The income level increases substantially more for those who go on to complete a college certificate, diploma or degree program.

For more information about Albany Technical College’s Adult Education Program, call (229) 430-1620.


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