Inequality could be new reality after election

For all to be equal, no longer will one have to prove they have the funds to support medication after a kidney transplant. That will be taken care of by the government (us working fools). You don’t need a bass boat to fish, a jon boat with a small motor will do. It will also cut back on gas usage. That way others who never could afford a bass boat can now have a jon boat just like yours.

I’m sure you have noticed the cars parked in subsidized housing haven’t you? You don’t need a motor home, a tent is almost as good. Then others can have a tent, too, that couldn’t afford one before. Everyone gets a job and a check. Whether you go to work or not. After all, if you are currently working, it is because of government assistance to your boss, no effort of your own.

If the crops fail, let the farmers fail. Then after a year or two they won’t have anything to plant because the farms will be in foreclosure. That means little, if anything, to eat unless you grow it or butcher it. Let’s not forget all those cars you own. You only need one. That way all folks can have one and the gas to run it.

All students go to public school; college is guaranteed. That way all the citizens will get along better because they grew up together.

The prisons are too full, so let’s release these folks into this new Utopia. They should behave themselves because they have what others have. Oh, did we forget rape, murder, assault and child abuse?

Now that you have this vision in your head, will you get out and vote this November? Or this just might be our new reality. After all, he’s already told Putin to wait until he is re-elected so they can work a deal.




Shinedownfan 2 years, 10 months ago

"After all, he’s already told Putin to wait until he is re-elected so they can work a deal." I know, is this scary or what!!!??? This is just one of many reasons to vote against Obama


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