No, Virginia, Obama cannot take your guns

Carlton Fletcher

Carlton Fletcher

Killing in the name of ... And now you do what they told you.

-- Rage Against the Machine

A few random thoughts while waiting for the next Honey Boo Boo installment:

-- I don't doubt the so-called Rev. Terry Jones and his obviously simple-minded followers are smugly surveying what they wrought with their sickening anti-Islamic movie "Innocence of Muslims" and are reveling in the attention that is swirling around them. The fact that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, and several others protesting the movie are dead now? Them's the breaks.

I read a recent report that said while Americans are as deeply rooted in their predominantly Judeo-Christian faith as they've ever been, fewer and fewer of them are attending churches these days, choosing instead to celebrate their spirituality in the privacy of their own homes. With intolerable freak shows like Jones spouting hatred from the pulpit and the soul-less ghouls from Westboro Baptist Church spreading their own sickening brand of "religion" all over the country, it's easy to understand why.

-- This is going to come as a surprise to a whole lot of people: Despite what the latest ultra-right-wing posts assure you is happening even now as you're reading this, President Obama and the United Nations are not putting the finishing touches on their nefarious plot to "take away our guns." No man -- not even the president of the United States -- has that kind of power even if he were so inclined. To spread such ludicrous propaganda to some highly impressionable -- and not very well-informed -- folks who obviously can't parse truth from fiction is nothing more than another salvo in the effort to remove Obama from office.

After all, what kind of world would this be if we didn't hold onto our sacred, God-given (I think it's in Leviticus somewhere) right to carry semi-automatic weapons? Safer, you say? Let's not go there.

-- Judging from the somber looks on the faces of Albany and Dougherty County officials -- and their refusal to share words of wisdom with their media pals -- as they left the first joint local-option sales tax mediation session Monday morning, I'd say things didn't go so well in the effort to decide on an equitable split of the 1 percent tax money. The city is currently getting 60 percent of those funds and wants more. The county says anything less than its current 40 percent would be budget-busting disastrous.

Each percentage point is worth roughly $175,000, so this is no petty gripe. Some with a high level of involvement in the squabble say there is not likely to be an agreement, meaning a Superior Court judge will determine the split.

-- In the wake of the apparent pending dismissal of Albany Police Department Cpl. Gary Price -- a quick aside here, umm, guys, what took you so long? -- I noticed local law enforcement agencies are sticking to their guns, so to speak, in their insistence that when they buy new patrol vehicles they get the ones with the Mac-daddy souped-up engines. While that's understandable for officers patrolling highways where speed limits exceed 50 miles per hour, it makes little sense that city police demand these powerful and very costly beasts. If they're patrolling streets whose speed limits do not exceed 45 mph, why all that "Top Gun" need for speed?

And, while we're here: Please, please, please, top lawmen, when an officer has as many wrecks as Price did in his career, can't you find him a safe desk job after the first couple?

-- Best line I've heard about the huge crowds of true believers snaking their way around the Olive Garden hoping for an opportunity to know true Nirvana by enjoying some of that establishment's salad and breadsticks: The Herald's Jim West had covered the restaurant's opening day and was telling the newsroom about the crowds. I jokingly said I thought I'd run out there during my 30-minute dinner break and have a leisurely meal. Quipped West: "If you're going there to pick up dinner, you better pack a lunch."

OK, so it wasn't that great. But, for West, not bad.


Sister_Ruby 3 years, 2 months ago

Fletcher, you surely know from your study of History that the first people that the Commies come for is the Press, right? So you just go on with your Obama Thrill Up The Leg Objective Journalism while the rest of us just stick our heads between our legs and pray that we won't have to Kiss Our A$$ Goodbye come November 6th.

Meanwhile I suggest you go ahead and write 6 months of columns kissing up to His Royal Majesty Barack Obama because after they come for you, you can avoid the bamboo shoots under the fingernails and the waterboarding to make you write them afterwards.


RedEric 3 years, 2 months ago

Fletch, thank you for this column. I agreed with a couple of your past columns and this one restores normalcy. School history just skims highlights, mostly dates. That is why the squirrels outside your classroom window were so interesting. Progressives HAVE to take our guns away. The democrats are preparing us for it by talking gun control after each idiot incident. Review history, ignore the squirrels, every authoritarian government has disarmed its populace before taking over. It is one of the last steps and usually follows some crisis. To add to the Sister's comment, the communists would send the family a bill for the bullet. That way they knew their family member was dead. Also, read what the exiled Russian aristocracy thought about the communists.


LoneCycler 3 years, 2 months ago

Mr. Fletcher is a true liberal; all the violence going on in the middle east and he blames Christians for it. The media never blames Islam for anything. Ever notice that? Attacking Christianity is about as dangerous as ordering an ice cream cone at DQ but that’s how a left-wing journo gets street cred. I’d like to see Mr. Fletcher say something bad about Islam, just once. There are plenty of freak shows and soul-less ghouls in that community, too, but for some reason they aren’t mentioned. I guess he realizes those people won’t bother to respond with a blog post. It’s more likely the response would be bullets and bombs. So there won’t be any smug speaking of truth to power when it comes to Islam; the personal risk is just too great.


Shinedownfan 3 years, 2 months ago

After reading these comments, I will not waste my time with the column. Thank you Sister Ruby, Red Eric and Lone Cycler.


chinaberry25 3 years, 2 months ago

What most folks do not know is that by 2040 as I have stated in the past, we will not longer be a Christian nation. There are more Muslims in the world and by then, there will be more in our beloved America. Then Congress will be elected by religion and the Constitution will be gone along with the Bill of Rights. We will no longer be a Democratic nation under a Christian God. Women will be breeders and sex as needed. I am like Bill Cosby, I will no longer be here and thank God I have no grandchildren to endure the Muslim fanatics. So Fletcher, by the looks of you, you may as well believe in Santa Claus too if you want. Oh! but Muslims do not believe in Christmas and you will be fasting for 30 days and can only eat before sunup and after sundown. From Aug 11 until Sept 11 in case you do not know.


alleebrin 3 years, 2 months ago

Well, on the subject of the Olive Garden, I really didn't think they'd come here. If they really did their homework, they wouldn't have. Give it six months and it will be trashed just like the other decent eating establishments in Albany!


Margie 3 years, 2 months ago

Thank you Carlton for the article. The botton line is this, if an editorial doesn't speak the belief of the individual that is reading it, there will certainly be opposition whether you are to the left or right. Why should the article speak of something "bad" about Islam. He made a point, inocent people of dead because of a very stupid movie. Now, whether the movie itself is the reason for these attacks and lost of life, or an opportunity, remains to be seems. There is no need for an argument with regards to President Obama. Those that hate him, hates him, period, and those that don't don't. Those that will vote for him will, and those that won't will not, simple and plain. There has been, and never will never be the perfect president that represent ALL the people, regardless of their socio-economic background, race, income, etc. But, rather than take the time to read and know the truth, some people would rather take what ever Rush Limbo and a few others say and believe, apparently they are their gods. The election is not about truth, nor the best person for all people, but mainly about President Obama being a one term president. If he loses, many, many will be happy, while other will be disappointed. But, for Obama his life will go on, and he and his family will reap all the reward and benfits of have been President of the United States. Now, for the rest of us, what will tha being....Only time will find out whether Medicare will change, or families that need health insurance no long has it, or whether anyone that make less than $250.00 a year will be in the soup line.


USTPC 3 years, 2 months ago

I see you have only been watching CNBC. The rioting and attacks and the ultimate deaths of the four Americans were not the result of an obscure, poorly acted video on you tube. They were carefully planned attacks on the anniversary of 9/11. The video to which you refer had been out on you tube since the first part of AUGUST. If it was because of the anti-islam film why did the attacks not occur in August? Do yo think it was just coincidence that the attacks happened on 9/11/12? Give me a break.

Whether it be this article or others, there should be criticism of the Islam terrorists that attacked our embassies. There is no justification for what happened. Criticizing Islam religion is not a reason to kill people. If criticizing a religion or a religions God is justification for going out and killing people then Christians should be on a long killing spree because our God is continually mocked and we are continually criticized for our beliefs and have been for years.

The Obama administrations first reaction to the attacks was to blame the anti Islam film on you tube. Come on.....really? Don't you think that the first reaction and response should have been something like "These attacks are not justified and Americans are dead. These deaths will not be taken lightly and the instigators of the attacks will be brought to justice using whatever means available." This administration constantly apologizes for the freedom that we as a country have. I do not want a leader of my country apologizing for the freedoms that my grandfather and father fought to keep.


tywebb 3 years, 2 months ago

it's a good thing christians don't act like muslims or the loony leftist Bill Maher would have been gone as soon as Religulous came out!


Abytaxpayer 3 years, 2 months ago

Well Well more words of wisdom from Carlton. "This is going to come as a surprise to a whole lot of people: (not very well-informed – folks)"....... Boy is that the pot calling the kettle black…A little research before writing a story would be nice but heck the facts might get in the way.

Here’s your sign Carlton….I am sure any of your neighbors will be glad to display it for you.


waltspecht 3 years, 2 months ago

The attacks were intentional and well organized. The film was just an excuse. probably paid for by some Politicial group. May even have been a Muslim group so there would be an excuse more plausable than the anniversary of 9/11. Or it could be Chicago Politics at it's finest. Creating a crisis to divert attention from the economy and other Presidential failures. It is a sorry state of afairs when I could actually believe either claim due to the political climate.


Tonto 3 years, 2 months ago

Does it matter if the attacks were intentional or spontaneous? Does it matter if they were in response to a damn viedo or preplaned to reopen sorrow over 911? The only point is we were attacked because of something real or imigined by a religious horde who believe they can break any law as long as they say it is in 'defense of their prophet'. And while we're at it, no Marines at the embassy's...because they were new? And of course we had to be considerate of the message that might send. We got our message alright. The same one we received when the State deparment refused to let the Marines have rounds on post in Lebonon. Remove our embassies, stop foreign aid and and let them go back to killing each other over which sect is really the right one as they have for a thousand years.


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