Anti-Muslim video may be work of instigators

If you were an instigator, either Moslem or political, how much would you pay someone to produce a film you were sure would stir up the Muslims? Then when would you post it on YouTube? Probably close to some important date. Then you would spread the word, especially among the extreme radicals, because their Internet access would be limited so you would have to get the word to them. Now, arrange things so a heavily armed contingent just happens to get together on Sept. 11, 2012.

Know that the security is in the hands of two very capable men who might put up enough of a fight to deter your forces. So you have folks they trust paid off to eliminate them first. As it was stated, some of the guards aided and abetted the so called rioters. Now throw in a link that the one who made the film is Israeli.

I hope these few suggestions opens some of your eyes as to what just might have happened, as the master puppeteer plays his stage. I only hope it backfires on him and he doesn't come out like some great peacemaker. We have had enough of them win prizes already.




USTPC 3 years, 2 months ago

Are you saying that it wasn't a coincidence that it happened on 9/11? Are saying that it was a planned attack on our embassies? Are you saying that it really had nothing to do with the obscure anti-Islam film on you tube that has been out since AUGUST and that the film is being blamed instead of the radical Muslims? I agree with you 100%. Anyone who continues to state that the film caused the riot, that it was unplanned and that it was a coincidence that the rioting occurred on 9/11 is intentionally lying and anyone who believes that BS is an idiot. JMHO.


QUIK 3 years, 2 months ago

For someone who wants to instigate, they would be seeking to stir up either good or evil. In this case most would believe its all evil. They weren't trying to inform but to incite rage. The rage seems to always be successful with men more women. Its something that is the bigger picture and I will write on this soon. Sooner or later men (worldwide) should learn NOT to take the bait. T.Wright


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