Major political parties stuck in times long past

I got a chance to watch the two political parties' conventions. I could only think of the "The Guess Who" song of yesteryear:

Don't come hangin; round my door,

Don't wanna see your shadow no more,

Colored lights can hypnotize,

Sparkle someone else's eyes,

American Woman.

I listened to the Republican Party on Fox News and the Democratic Party on PBS's "News Hour."I could not tell them apart from two groups of "Good Ole Boys" and their associates.

I learned that both parties are not up-to-date with the times. They talked about issues of the several decades ago. But they are the only game in town. (They think their human laws are better than physical law. You can stop a two-ton car faster than you can a 200-pound person.)

I remember a time in Savannah when you were not considered "in" unless you were invited to one of two Christmas parties, Fred Wessels Jr.'s or J.C. Lewis's. If you were invited to both parties, you were "in."