Police/Fire/EMS - Sept. 20, 2012

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany police responded to at least 41 incidents Tuesday into the early hours of Wednesday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Driving while license suspended for drunken driving on the 2600 block of Gillionville Road;

-- Disorderly conduct on the 700 block of Lippett Drive;

-- Burglary on the 2800 block of Palmyra Road, the 1300 block of Mobile Avenue and the 200 block of Frost Street;

-- Theft by taking on the 1500 block of West Whitney Avenue, the 2600 block of Dawson Road and the 1100 block of Sixth Avenue;

-- Motor vehicle theft on the 1000 block of North Westover Boulevard;

-- Animals at large on the 1800 block of Normandie Drive;

-- Missing juvenile on the 2000 block of West Broad Avenue;

-- Battery on the 300 block of South Jackson Street;

-- Assault (domestic) on the 1600 block of Gardener Drive;

-- Assault, larceny and harassing phone calls (domestic) on the 200 block of Slater King Drive;

-- Vandalism (domestic) on the 600 block of Swift Street;

-- Domestic (unfounded) on the 2000 block of Leonard Avenue, the 500 block of Louis Avenue, the 200 block of Kalman Avenue and the 1200 block of Crawford Drive.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: Dougherty County police responded to at least 24 calls, according to police reports.

Police responded to incidents including:

-- Drunken driving on the 300 block of Westover Boulevard;

-- Theft (identity) on the 3400 block of Spring Flats Road;

-- Family violence (battery) on the 4800 block of Marlborough Avenue;

-- Vehicle crash on the 4000 block of Moultrie Road and on Liberty Expressway at Williamsburg Road.

ALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Albany Fire Department responded to 10 incidents.

-- Four power line problems, body recovery, three active alarms, a smoke odor and an EMS assist.