Police/Fire/EMS report for September 22, 2012

ALBANY — Albany police responded to at least 50 incidents Thursday into the early hours of Friday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Indecent exposure, saggy pants on the 200 block of Cordele Road;

— Theft by taking on the 2400 block of Alberson Drive, the 800 block of West First Avenue, the 100 block of Inverness Avenue and the 2700 block of Dawson Road;

— Entering auto on the 1600 block of East Broad Avenue, the 1400 block of Lee Street, the 100 block of East First Avenue and the 400 block of Ebony Lane;

— Forgery on the 800 block of West Broad Avenue;

— Three counts of aggravated assault, a fight on the 900 block of West Second Avenue;

— Burglary on the 2300 block of Alberson Drive and the 500 block of North Westover Boulevard;

— Armed robbery on the 900 block of South Slappey Boulevard;

— Disorderly conduct on the 300 block of West Second Avenue the 2500 block of Hilltop Drive;

— Missing person on the 3100 block of Crape Myrtle Court;

— Confinement of an animal on the 1100 block of West Gordon Avenue;

— Robbery by intimidation on the 2600 block of Rosebrier Drive;

— Injured person, animal bite on the 2700 block of Pointe North Drive;

— Assault (domestic) on the 200 block of Monarch Drive and the 200 block of Slater King Drive;

— Battery (domestic) on the 300 block of Sixth Avenue;

— Domestic (unfounded) on the 2300 block of North Davis Street, the 300 block of Sixth Avenue, the 1400 block of East Fourth Avenue and the 2200 block of Stuart Avenue.

DOUGHERTY COUNTY EMS: The Dougherty County Emergency Medical Service responded to 57 calls on Thursday.

There were 46 medical calls and 11 trauma calls. Medical calls and trauma calls, including six respiratory calls, five chest pains, five miscellaneous pain calls, three diabetic calls, 24 various medical calls, five falls and one vehicle crash victim.

ALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Albany Fire Department reported three incidents, including two vehicle fires.