U.S. support should always be for Israel

No American should ever be criticized for condemning those who murder our citizens. All of our officials should show the same outrage about the murder of our people by an overseas mob.

America’s greater problem is not only our perceived weakness in the eyes of the Muslim world, but our signs of subtle anti-Semitism as a nation has led the Muslims to believe they can finally have what they desire most — a Middle East without Israel. It is almost hinted by our State Department: If only Israel would go away, everything would be fine. This combined with our government “code talk” for Jews, who are presented as the enemy to the American people today — the wealthy, bankers, Wall Street executives, business owners, the bloodsuckers, the Jews. Hitler used this same argument for the economic problems of Germany. All groups of people have their criminals. No one is perfect.

Historically, the Jews have always been blamed not out of reason, but out of jealousy. If a Jew moves to a ghetto, he will clean it; if he gets a job, he will earn; if he goes to school, he will learn. Put him in a position and he will lead! The Jews are not America’s enemy or the world’s. They are not even the enemy of the Muslim world. They want to be left alone and allowed to exist and prosper. Yet, the Muslims have declared them their enemy and desire to kill them all.

If America has to choose between the Muslims and the Jews, the choice is easy. God chose the Jews. America would do well to follow God’s choice. Any other choice will be disaster for America.




waltspecht 2 years, 6 months ago

Israel has no place to go to placate the Arabs. So the question becomes will they allow Iran to have an atom bomb, with a countdown timer before Iran uses one on them? Think about it, what choice do they have? The claim can always be there was a nuclear accident at one of Iran's facilities.


Tonto 2 years, 6 months ago

Bunch of B.S. Support for Jews is not the same as support for Israel. Israel is a nation in it's own right not a religion as they try to portray., and it regularly tells us to mind our own buisness. They pick their own fights, not always because of some purely relegious reason. They supress other religions, are Xenophobic and can't reconcile within their own judism between orthadox and reformed. Supporting the "Chosen People of Christ" as a faith is one thing. Letting a mean, bullying little brother pick fights and then expect us to bail them out...no thanks.

As for Amerian Jews, they are either Americans or they are Isralies. If the latter, get a ticket on a cruise boat for Tel Avi.


QUIK 2 years, 6 months ago

The writer has swallowed the hook and line. Muslims and Jews can and do get along as a whole. There is are extremes on both sides. For those that have traveled to Israel, we know they can live together. Extremes in America believe Israel is the best thing since slice bread. Read President J. Carter's book and you may see that the jewish state is not perfect in the conflict. For those that believe they can read the minds of Muslims that they believe we are weak, try spending some time with a Muslim first. Don't let a few thousand young males throwing stones and burning businesses speak for millions of Muslims who went on with their daily lives after the video was out. The riots here in this country didn't define us but only showed our level of growing pains. The Middle East is in a rebirth. It's NOT always about America, calm down and breath.


esiafa16 2 years, 6 months ago

Why doest Israel have nuclear weapons? Or does it? And if it does, why is it never part of the discussion? Is the same person(s) trying to stop Iran the very one(s) that gave or helped to arm Israel with the atomic weapon that we think Iran should not have?


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