AAPHC to acquire Glover Dental Center

Glover Dental Center on Gillionville Road is being acquired by Albany Area Primary Health Care. Effective Nov. 5, it will be known as AAPHC Glover Dental Center.

Glover Dental Center on Gillionville Road is being acquired by Albany Area Primary Health Care. Effective Nov. 5, it will be known as AAPHC Glover Dental Center.

ALBANY, Ga. -- Effective Nov. 5, Glover Dental Center will be under new management.

Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAHPC) is acquiring the Gillionville Road clinic, after which it will be known as AAPHC Glover Dental Center.

Clifton Bush, specialty services director for AAPHC, said that few changes are expected as a result of the acquisition. The dentist there, Dr. Sonya Taylor-Acree, formerly Dr. Sonya Taylor-Glover, will still be working there as an employee.

There will be another dentist, Dr. Barbara Maali, coming on board as well, he said.

"The center is not closing. This is just a transition," Bush said.

There are no changes expected in the center's services. The only position downsized as a result of the transition was the center's human resources manager, who has since found employment with another company in Atlanta, Acree said.

Flyers are being put up in the center this week notifying patients of the change. There will not be a change regarding insurance carriers, Bush said.

Taylor-Acree, a newly-remarried cancer survivor, said the new affiliation with AAPHC will allow her to focus more on the clinical side of the center and less on the administrative tasks.

In other words, the new management will help her to slow down and concentrate on other things.

"They are taking the principles of Glover Dental, its patient pool and just taking over the day-to-day operations," she said. "Patients won't see a change.

"We will be able to provide better service."

In addition to focusing more on the clinical end, the acquisition may also allow Acree more time to dive into teaching opportunities, she said.

"There was an interest there (from both parties)," she said. "They (AAPHC) liked how the company was ran, and (we came to) a mutual agreement. (We thought) this was something the city could really use."

Once the Glover facility is incorporated into its operations, AAPHC will have 12 regional clinics under its umbrella. There is one other clinic in its network that currently provides dental services.

"This will be an expansion of their dental services," Taylor-Acree said.

Over the next month, the staff at the center will be trained on final procedures. There will also be a few building renovations, including new furniture, she said.

In all, the dental center is expected to keep 90 percent of its employees. Aside from the human resources position, the remainder of those leaving are not doing so as a result of the new affiliation, Taylor-Acree said.

When asked about the cost attached to the acquisition, she said she would not disclose that number -- but did say the price was fair and that both sides were happy with it.


dingleberry 3 years ago

And another one bites the dust! Pull the taxpaying property off the rolls and make it tax exempt, joining the multitude of properties of over $700 million in assessed value. Hello, is anybody out there other than you and I still paying property tax?


whattheheck 3 years ago

I'm here Dingle! We will get less property tax but there will be more responsive dental care for those who are on public assistance so it is a "lose-win", right? lol


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