Shallow thinkers ignoring the issues

Page Two can't help but wonder about those who write to The Squawkbox. Sometimes I wonder if the person is trying to let everyone know that they dropped out of school at 12. Years of age, that is. Many espouse words of wisdom, however, the people who need to read them probably won't or can't. Fletcher's last piece of dribble gives us a clear indication that he's had ear buds in way too long and the volume on full blast, as it has deformed what brain cells he has.

For the life of me I cannot understand the following the White House has. It appears to me these are the lemmings of life who have no clue as to the fallout of another four years in the direction we are going. If you're in the "wagon" and looking past the "horses," then surely you must see the brightness ahead. This is not the road to prosperity, good life, easy living or Heaven. It is the reflection from the furnace of Hell that is leading the way and beckoning you to your demise, just as a flame draws a moth to its death.

Does not three years and nine months into a continuing destruction of the United States and what we as a nation stand for give you a clue? What part of "anti-Christ" do you not understand? It appears that another "Holocaust" is upon us and we are the naked and undernourished behind the fences. More later from Page Two.