Metro area jobless rate decreases

ALBANY, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Labor announced Thursday that the preliminary unemployment rate in metro Albany declined to 9.9 percent in August, down four-tenths of a percentage point from 10.3 percent in July.

The rate was 10.8 percent in August 2011.

The rate decreased because there were 211 fewer layoffs in manufacturing, administrative and support services and health care and social assistance. The area’s labor force declined by 926, partially because some students left summer jobs to return to school, officials with the Labor Department said.

The Department of Labor also said that the preliminary unemployment rate in the Southwest Georgia area had declined to 9.5 percent in August, down from 9.8 percent in July.

The rate was 10.2 percent at the same time in 2011. The regional rate from last month decreased because there were 465 fewer layoffs in manufacturing, wholesale trade, professional and technical services, administrative and support services and health care and social assistance.

Also, the area’s labor force declined by 2,411, according to labor officials.

“Overall, this represents some improvement. Even when making seasonal adjustments, there is still an increase in employment in the Albany area,” said Aaron Johnson, assistant professor of economics at Darton State College. “Over the last five months, we have seen job growth in four of those months, so that should provide some level of optimism. Even though it’s been modest, our rate of improvement over that same time period has been faster than either Valdosta or Brunswick.

“However, it should be acknowledged that part of the lower unemployment rate is due to the fact that we have seen a slight decline in the labor force. When people leave the labor force due to diminished prospects in getting a job, then that artificially lowers the unemployment rate, too.”

A county-by-county breakdown of unemployment rates for August shows Dougherty to be at 10.9 percent, Lee to be at 7.7 percent, Worth to be at 9.3 percent, Terrell to be at 10 percent and Baker to be at 8.7 percent.

By metro area, Gainesville had the lowest rate for August at 7.2 percent, while Dalton had the highest at 11.6 percent. By region, the Georgia Mountains area had the lowest rate at 7.8 percent while the Heart of Georgia-Altamaha area had the highest at 12.2 percent.

Georgia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.2 percent in August, unchanged from July. The jobless rate was 9.9 percent in August a year ago.

The number of jobs in the state rose by 25,100 from 3.914 million in July to 3.939 million in August. Georgia has created 49,700 jobs since August 2011, when there were 3.889 million jobs, Labor Department officials say.

In metro Albany, jobs increased to 59,700 in August. This is up by 400 from July, and up by 500 from August 2011.


VSU 3 years, 2 months ago

As the holiday shopping season approaches and these businesses start hiring these temporary seasonal employees (Like they do every year) and being this is election year, the democrats will give Obama full credit for those job placements. The even funnier thing would be should Romney get elected president and these companies start laying these employees off after the holiday shopping season is over (Like they do every year) the democrats will blame Romney for those people losing those jobs.


Kay523 3 years, 1 month ago

I am voting for Gov. Johnson the Libertarian candidate - Mitt has switched his "conservative" positions from the primaries to supporting civil unions, roe v wade, teachers unions, health care reform. Gov Johnson has been steadfast in his conservative positions. there is no "change" if Romney gets in, only more of the same. Go Blazers!


chinaberry25 3 years, 1 month ago

A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama. Cast your vote for the one who will do the most good. Muslim Obama or Morman Romney. I do not believe as the Mormans, but I can honestly say I have never met one who was not exceptionally good in work ethics and their family life. I have never met a Muslim that was good for anything but stirring up strife.


whattheheck 3 years, 1 month ago

So the unemployment rate is down since there were fewer layoffs and at the same time the size of the labor force decreased? I would think a positive tone would apply to a positive measure like perhaps more people getting jobs rather than a negative measure that is now less negative than the last reported negative measure. But then, this is an election year so what is to be expected when a good spin is hard to come by?


Fletch 3 years, 1 month ago

....AGAIN ... children .... this decline in the unemployment rate is a DIRECT result of those whose unemployment benefits have run out and /or they have just stopped looking for work. ... This number is in no way a sign that ANYTHING is improving. ... HOPE & CHANGE..Get you some! .......


Kay523 3 years, 1 month ago

The GA General Assembly cut unemployment benefits and reduced the amount of time workers could receive them. Unintended or intended consequence?


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