Voters should make informed decisions

It seems to me that all political cartoons suggest that conservatives want to make voting more difficult. being a conservative, I have absolutely no desire to make in unnecessarily difficult for anyone to cast a vote. I want to make it more difficult for anyone to cancel my legitimate vote!

Every unauthorized vote cancels one cast by a voter who has carefully considered the candidates and voted for the one who he or she thinks best represents his or her views. I believe I have a right to have my vote counted and not canceled by some illegal vote cast by someone seeking monetary or other unjust awards.

There are absentee ballots that can be requested by mail or phone for those that are unable to get to the polls on election day. Handicapped people do not have to get out of the the car. Poll workers will come to the car and let them cast their vote from the comfort of their vehicle.

Soldiers on active duty can request a ballot via email and also send the completed ballot back via email.

As a friend or a neighbor to take you to the registration office to get a photo I.D. so your vote can be cast with confidence. If everyone had a picture I.D., Mickey Mouse would no longer be able to vote.

Your informed vote is a cherished thing and should be protected, not wasted. Please choose your candidate carefully and vote.

I recently commented of a "no vote" due to the candidates. My sister said that a no vote would be a single vote for a liberal. She changed my mind.