Sherwood quarterback Dalton Todd, above, and Deerfield quarterback Dallas Margeson face off tonight in the two Albany private schools’ annual rivalry game at Webb Memorial.

Sherwood quarterback Dalton Todd, above, and Deerfield quarterback Dallas Margeson face off tonight in the two Albany private schools’ annual rivalry game at Webb Memorial.

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WHO: Sherwood Christian Academy (2-2) at Deerfield-Windsor (4-1).

WHAT: Annual rivalry game.

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. today.

WHERE: Webb Memorial Stadium.


ALBANY — Can Sherwood Christian beat Deerfield-Windsor?

Sure, but it won’t be easy.

“We need to play a perfect game,’’ said Sherwood Christian coach Otis Covington, who has turned the program around at SCA this year.

Covington took over last year and the cupboard was pretty bare, but he has his kids winning games and competing every Friday night with a small squad (just 22 players) that is full of youth (14 of the 22 are either freshmen or sophomores).

The future looks bright at Sherwood, where a win tonight at DWS would do a lot for the Eagles, who have beaten Deerfield just once in the history of the city rivalry.

That was in 1997. DWS holds a 15-1 edge.

“It would be a confidence booster and get us pumped up for the rest of the season,’’ said SCA quarterback Dalton Todd, who is only a sophomore.

Todd is a big reason for Sherwood’s success. He has completed 53 of 72 passes (73 percent) for 582 yards and four touchdowns, and he has also averaging 8.9 yards every time he carries the ball for the Eagles, who are 2-2 and begin Region 3-AA play next week.

Sherwood dropped back down this year to Class AA, which is a better fit for the smaller school. The two rivals had been in the same region the past two years when Sherwood moved up to Region 3-AAA, so those SCA-DWS games carried a lot more weight. Still, even though it’s not a region game, the rivalry makes the game special. And Deerfield has its own motivation.

DWS coach Allen Lowe has 199 wins and can reach the 200-win milestone with a victory tonight. That could produce a huge celebration afterward.

It’s always a big game, and tonight could be a cake with icing and more for Lowe’s team.

“This place will be packed by 7 o’clock,’’ said DWS running back and Herald Dynamite Dozen selection Kh’Ron McClain of the game at Webb Memorial Stadium that will begin at 7:30 p.m. “It will be a great atmosphere.’’

Dalton said it’s more exciting because it’s a cross-town rivalry.

“It’s always more fun when you are playing against people you grew up with,’’ he said. “And people from all over Albany will be at this game.’’

DWS feels the same way.

“It’s a fun game,’’ said DWS two-way lineman Weston King, a senior who is 3-0 against Sherwood. “And it always brings it to another level when you know the other team personally. It’s definitely going to be a good game. They are better than everybody gives them credit for, and they want to win.’’

Kids on both teams said they just have to concentrate on the game.

“We look at it as just another game,’’ Sherwood receiver Chandler Tabb said Thursday. “It’s just that everybody talks about this game. We have to put that all aside and play the game.’’

DWS will be the favorite.

The Knights are 4-1 and ranked No. 1 in the GISA Class AAA state poll and will be at home tonight, but Lowe knows his team will have its hands full.

“They’re a good team,’’ Lowe said. “Otis has done a real good job. They do a good job executing their offense, and they’ve got some good football players.’’

Sherwood looks like a playoff team in Class AA and has already played tough against Class AAA Southland, which is unbeaten and appears to be Deerfield’s biggest obstacle in the Region 3-AAA race.

“They played right with Southland in the first half,’’ Lowe said. “But (Sherwood doesn’t) have much depth, and it looked like Southland wore them down in the second half. That’s what we hope we can do.’’

Deerfield’s offense has been rolling all season. McClain has gained 703 yards, averaging more than 11 yards per carry, and quarterback Dallas Margeson has completed 34 of 58 passes for 465 yards and eight touchdowns. DWS’ defense has also been tough all season, and as Lowe points out: “We have given up some big plays but no one has driven the ball on us. I think our defense has a chance to get even better.’’

Deerfield is that loaded.

“We look at them on film and there are no glaring weaknesses,’’ Covington said. “We have to execute and be perfect.’’

The Eagles’ youth movement has everyone at Sherwood buzzing about this year’s season and the future of the program.

“It’s exciting,’’ Covington said. “The younger kids who played last year as freshmen are now sophomores. They worked hard in the offseason and it has paid off.”

Todd is one of those sophomores.

“We had a lot of young guys who played last year,’’ Todd said. “And now we’re a year older and we have matured. Our experience level is higher.’’

And they believe they can win.

“We play as a team,’’ said two-way lineman Quantrevious Cameron, a senior. “We really work hard and play as a team and pick each other up.’’

Sherwood has had a number of players come through this season, including Tabb, who leads the team in receptions (13 for 260 yards and one TD), T.J. Clay, who has run three kickoffs back for touchdowns, and freshman running back Chaz Griffin, who is coming off a big night last week.

“Chaz averaged about 15 yards a carry last week,’’ Covington said. “We are a running back (rotation) by committee, and because of our youth all of our running backs are either freshmen or sophomores. Dalton is our leading rusher. He has rushed for about 300 yards.

“We’ve had different players step up at different times, and it shows the team is improving and shows we can be explosive.’’

That’s what Covington is hoping for tonight — some explosiveness and a big night of fireworks for Sherwood. Deerfield is ready to celebrate Lowe’s milestone victory.

It’s Sherwood and Deerfield.


gogetter 3 years ago

I pray that both teams have a great game without any injuries. I'm sure it will be fun to watch. Regardless who wins, both of these teams are awesome and have players some God-given talent! Coach Cov has done a WONDERFUL job with these boys and turning the program.


Sherwood_Eagle_Alum 3 years ago

It should be a close game! Of course after kickoff it won't be.


Number1VolFan2012 3 years ago

I don't think this has been a rivalry game in quite some time. Maybe in the mid to late 90's but not today. Other than the win in 1997, the closest Sherwood has come to winning was in 2003 when they lost by 4 points and in 1996 when they lost by 8 points. Since the late 90's Sherwood has tried to be just like Deerfield in all areas. SCA has changed so much that a lot of SCA older alum don't even want to go back or support the school. At this point, I'm not quite sure that they should not just combine the schools.

This rivalry has yet to match the Riverview - Deerfield rivalry, especially in basketball.The football series was 13-18 in Deerfield's favor over a 21 year period. In some years, during the 70's and 80's, the teams would play each other twice and Deerfield was a region opponent every year.

Good Luck to both teams tonight and in their region schedules.

Note: Some facts were provided by the Georgia High School Football Historians Association,


Sherwood_Eagle_Alum 3 years ago

The SCA administration does not care about the athletic program. That is why they will never be able to compete with Deerfield. DWS is playing chess while SCA is playing checkers. It has probably been over a decade since I have watched a football or basketball game at Sherwood.


Margie 3 years ago

I am certain that no one has missed either of you Alums on or off the field. Instead of finding fault, why try not being a solution. Deerfield has an excellent program, but THEY also have committed, dedicated ALUMS that support their school. I don't believe that you could pay a former student of Deerfield to publicly say anything negative about their school whether they were winning or losing, and THEY PUT their money where it will make a difference in the school. SCA has changed, and so has Deerfield, but the change has been good for both schools. But, then again, ALUMS may feel exactly as you do, but SCA Family don't. Committed family members are in for the long haul, no matter how tough the going may get. Real family has a relationship and want to see and encourage success, and picks you up when things are bad. But, a guest or a persson just passing threw the halls wouldn't feel the same as a family member.


Number1VolFan2012 3 years ago

Oh Margie, I feel really bad for you. You have drank way to much of the SBC/SCA Kool-Aid. It took me many years to get off that kool-aid but when I did I saw the true colors of SBC and SCA. There's a lot wool that is being put over people's eyes especially at SBC but no one can see it because everyone has drunk the kool-aid.


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