Crime blotter with Map: April 3, 2013

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The Albany Police Department responded to at least 23 incidents Monday. They include:

  • Battery at 1221 Parker Avenue and 2811 Sylvester Road.
  • Wanted person on the 800 block of West Society Avenue and the 518 West Oglethorpe Boulevard.
  • Armed robbery at 2314 West Gordon Avenue.
  • Domestic violence (unfounded) at 517 Carriage Lane, Apartment B and 117 Marie Road, Apartment B.
  • Burglary at 610 West First Avenue, 214 Franklin Drive and 1303 East Broad Avenue.
  • Financial transaction card theft at 611 Swift Street.
  • Entering auto at 602 Freemont Drive
  • Theft of Services at 2427 Sylvester Road.
  • Forgery at 1104 West Broad Avenue.
  • Shoplifting at 2601 Dawson Road
  • Disorderly Conduct at 1701 Balsam Lane and 261 East Oglethorpe Boulevard.
  • Lost property at 1001 West Highland Avenue
  • Hindering an emergency call at 1922 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive.
  • Possession of Marijuana (LTO) at 2400 Sylvester Road.
  • Theft at 100 South Front Street.

The Dougherty County Police Department responded to at least eight incidents Monday. Those calls include:

  • Domestic Violence (unfounded) at 304 Hollis Drive.
  • Traffic crash on the 300 block of Byron Plantation Road.
  • Attempted suicide at 807 Shelton Court.

The Albany Fire Department responded to five calls Monday. Those include:

  • a shorted out water heater at 842 Frotscher Drive.
  • A false alarm at 2823 Gillionville Road.
  • Vehicle fire at 132 Whitlesey Court.
  • Structure fire at 616 West Second Avenue.
  • Assisted EMS at 415 Wells Avenue.

EMS responded to a total of 60 calls on 4/1/13. There were 42 Medical Calls, 16 Trauma Calls and 2 Assist for the Albany Fire Department.

Of the medical calls:

  • Four were respiratory issues
  • two fainted
  • two seizures
  • two mental health calls
  • one chest pain call
  • one altered mental status call
  • one miscellaneous pain call
  • 28 various medical calls

Of the 16 trauma calls:

  • there were 8 auto accident victims
  • six falls
  • one stab victim


erock 2 years, 7 months ago

This map is a pretty good idea. Shame the folks living in the area. If I'm not mistaking, I believe this is the area where they didn't want RC planes flown in the park. So you prefer shootings and stabbings. That seems about right, carry on ye of little fortitude.


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