Mindset change needed for cleaner roadways

Letter to the editor

I quite agree with Carlton Fletcher’s article in the March 20th edition of The Herald. The roadsides are a mess, reflecting not only on the people who dump trash from their cars, but on the city of Albany’s ability to deal with it. Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful does a good job with the limited resources they have, but the problem is much bigger. The solution is simple but politics makes it difficult.

Several questions:

1.) How many tickets have been given by the police department for littering?

2.) With all of the people drawing unemployment, why are they not required to earn their unemployment check by doing volunteer work for the city, such as picking up trash?

3.) With all of the able-bodied people in Albany drawing assistance checks, why are they not required to earn their welfare check by doing work for the city?

Until taxpaying citizens figure out a way to make changes to the mindset currently allowing such outrages, roadsides will continue to look like a city with too much litter.




KaosinAlbany 2 years, 7 months ago

Good article, Mr. Bates! I agree!


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