Pending reunion reminder of the good old days

Letter to the editor

In a few short weeks, the Albany High School Class of 1963 will be celebrating 50 years since we walked into Mills Memorial Stadium. It hardly seems possible. One of my favorite teachers use to say, “The only good thing about the Good Old Days were they were gone forever.” I guess every generation can point to a period of time that they would classify as such. I am sorry to say those days are gone.

For most of us, our parents have passed on to the other side, but I am grateful for the values that they instilled in us as we matured. My parents never missed a parent/teacher meeting and never missed an opportunity to tell the teacher that if I needed a belt or paddle, to use it. Of course, that was always followed by “be sure and call me”; he can get some more when he gets home. A few teachers took him serious and he kept his word.

My how times have changed. Not everyone had a TV and most of those that did were black and white. I guess most of us had phones, but we were a lot closer to putting a man on the moon (and didn’t know it) than we were cell phones in our pockets.

The closest thing we had to a computer was a Royal typewriter and an adding machine that had a crank handle. Clerks in local stores had to be able to actually count change.

There were a lot of Fridays when I took my .22 rifle to school so that I could take it home with a friend who lived in the country. Oh, and that was on the bus.

We had three “drive-in movie” theaters. Gas was 30 cents a gallon and you could have a pretty nice date on $5.

Those were “The Good Old Days” and Albany really was “The Good Life City.”