Police/Fire/EMS- April 6, 2013

ALBANY — The Albany Police Department responded to at least 27 incidents on Thursday and into the early hours of Friday, available reports show.

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The incidents included:

— Battery (domestic violence), 401 S. McKinley St. and 500 Pinson Road;

— Theft by taking, 607 N. Cleveland St., 211 S. Slappey Blvd. 320 W. Second Ave. and 500 Pinson Road;

— Aggravated stalking, 203 N. West Road;

— Theft by shoplifting, 2701 Gillionville Road, 2721 Dawson Road and 2601 Dawson Road;

— Criminal trespass, 2051/2 N. Davis St. and 2806 N. Slappey Blvd.;

— Possession of Marijuana, 333 S. Mock Road;

— Injured person, 1002 Holland Drive;

— Armed Robbery, 2319 Katy Court;

— Robbery by Force, 304 S. Jefferson St.;

— 1st degree burglary, 2415 Brierwood Drive and 1503 Whiting Drive;

— Loitering on the 300 block of West Oglethorpe Boulevard;

— Drug paraphernalia, 816 Cedar Ave.;

— Recovered property, 507 Swift Ave.;

— Pointing gun at another person on the 600 block of Blaylock St.;

— Entering auto, 1005 East 4th Avenue and 2108 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.;

— Simple battery, 424 Bonnyview Ave.;

— Robbery by snatching, 414 W. Oglethorpe Blvd.;

— Disorderly conduct on the 600 block of Kingbury Court.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: The Dougherty County Police Department responded to at least 11 calls on Thursday, available reports show. The incidents included:

— Identity theft, 407 Pine Bluff Road;

— Wanted person, 4400 Gravel Hill Road;

— Traffic arrest 1200 Lilly Pond Road;

— Family Violence, 4530 Seymore Lane.

ALBANY FIRE: The Albany Fire Department responded to at least 10 calls on Thursday and into the early hours of Friday, available records show. The incidents included cardiac arrests, false alarms, overheated food and kitchen fire.

DOUGHERTY EMS: The Dougherty Emergency Medical Service responded to 48 calls on Thursday, available records show. There were 38 medical calls and 10 trauma calls.

The medical calls included eight respiratory calls, three chest pain calls, two cardiac arrest calls, two diabetic issue calls, two miscellaneous pain calls, one seizure call, one mental health call and 17 various medical calls.

The trauma calls included five falls and three auto accident victims.