Roadblock, dog uncover meth lab in car’s trunk

LEESBURG — A routine road safety check at Cedric Street and Old Leesburg Road late Friday led to the discovery of a small methamphetamine lab in the trunk of a car, said Lewis Harris, chief deputy with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Harris said that during the stop, Ricky, one of Lee County’s two drug-sniffing canines, led officers to the hidden lab.

Officers from agencies in a 12-county region make up the Southwest Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network that set up the roadblocks, Harris said.

The roadblocks are used to check vehicle insurance, registration and driver’s licenses, and, in the process, discover any drunk drivers and drug users, Harris said.

While at least one arrest was made for the meth lab, Harris said he was still uncertain of how many arrests were made or what the charges would be.


whattheheck 2 years, 7 months ago

Agree. Keep on keeping on, guys!


Drawpu 2 years, 7 months ago

When will the makers and users of illegal drugs understand police roadblocks are often set up to check drivers' licenses and auto insurance coverage? While checking you out, the cops might just happen to have old Ricky, the drug sniffing dog, in attendance and Ricky is very likely to find your car to be extremely interesting if you have weed or meth in it. This is the point where the police will get to know you better.

Roadblocks are set up frequently so if you are stopped and checked by the police and Ricky, don't be so surprised when they bust your dumb fanny for having illegal drugs in your car.


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