Big 10: March 29 - April 5, 2013

These were the most-read stories at Albanyherald.com for the week of March 29 through April 5, 2013. Click the headlines to read the full story.

1. Businessman surprised by skate park request

ALBANY -- Businessman Lane Rosen read The Albany Herald article in disbelief, stewed about it for a while and decided he couldn't let it go.

2. DCSS's Mosely sees a light at the end of the tunnel for troubled system

ALBANY -- As the Dougherty County School System's spring break begins, the district still faces much work to right the troubled district, which has been constantly battered over the past two years.

3. Squawk of the Day - April 2, 2013

"I know people are addicted to their cell phones, iPads, etc., but playing on one in church is too much. Shame on the parents for allowing it. The child was old enough to know better."

4. Smallcakes franchise coming to Albany

ALBANY — Oh how sweet it is.

Lindsay and Brian Bridges are hoping to turn their confectionary cravings into a sweet business venture.

5. Squawk of the day - April 1, 2013

"Thanks to Obamacare, a generic drug that I have taken for years (doxycyline) at a price of just over $5 a month now costs $77 per month. Thanks Mr. President. You are doing such a great job. My fixed income just took a real hit."

6. Business owner challenges community

ALBANY — Business owner, B.J. Fletcher says everyone who owns a business should contribute to the local law enforcement effort. What's more, she's put her money where her mouth is.

7. Squawk of the Day - March 29, 2013

"Half-raised is pretty simple. You attack, call names and make fun of anyone who disagrees with your position whether it truth based on fact or just something you heard that you want to believe."

8. Macon Transit worker who complained about gun brought to office is fired

MACON — A Macon woman says she was fired from the Macon Transit Authority Tuesday because of her reaction to a supervisor's bringing a shotgun into the office.

9. Albany doctor to appear in PBS documentary

ALBANY, Ga. -- Dr. James Hotz will soon be able to add a film credit to his resume.

10. Dozens targeted in multi-agency drug bust

AMERICUS, Ga. — Investigators from around Southwest Georgia are out in force in neighborhoods throughout the region rounding up suspected drug dealers and users as a part of a multi-county drug investigation, officials say.